Cartoon Food Drawing Tutorial

Cartoon Food Drawing

Food is one of the essential parts of our lives. It represents one of the basic needs of all living beings. While we need food to survive, that doesn’t mean that it can’t simply be enjoyed, and there are many tasty foods out there! Cartoon Food Drawing & lotus drawing or another drawing tutorial

Everyone has their favorite meals, foods, and snacks, and learning how to draw cartoon food is a great way to imagine your perfect food selection. This tutorial will show you how to draw a fun food selection in a cute arrangement. We will also leave some room for you to add your excellent details!

So get ready for a tasty drawing adventure as you begin this step-by-step guide on drawing cartoon food just following easy steps.

Step 1:- Cartoon Food Drawing

We will depict four different kinds of food when working on this cartoon food drawing. As you can see in the later image, these will be a hamburger, a chicken drumstick, a taco, and a sandwich. We will begin the first three of these foods in this first step.

The hamburger is at the front of this arrangement so we will begin with it. You can use some curved lines for the top and base of the bun, but be sure to leave ample space on the right-hand side of the burger.

Then we will add a few layers of the burger’s filling beneath the bun. Next, you can draw the taco with a curved line, with some wavy sauce dripping down and some filling poking out the top. Finally, outline the bread for the sandwich and add some filling on the left.

Step 2:– Now, draw more of the burger and sandwich.

This guide’s first step on drawing cartoon food was a lot to cover! We will keep things more straightforward in this second step as we add to the burger and sandwich. Once again, we will begin with the burger. All you need to do for this is draw the bottom bun underneath it. The top bun will still have a significant gap, but it will be fixed soon.

We will also add curved, wavy lines to the top of the sandwich to show some more filling.

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Step 3:– Next, draw the rest of the outlines.

This step will focus on adding the rest of the outlines for these four foods! First, we will finally finish off the bun for the hamburger. Use a curved line to extend the top of the bun to finish it off. Then, we will add the final food; the drumstick.

This will have a rounded end portion with wavy, jagged lines where the bone pokes out. Speaking of that bone, it will be drawn with curved lines with two bumps at the end. Finally, for this step, add the taco base and a bit more filling to the sandwich.

Step 4:– Now, draw some more minor details.

This cartoon food drawing looks tasty already! In this and the next step, we will focus on adding more minor details to bring it all together. The details we will be adding in this step will be pretty minor, but they will help to add some great texture details to the image.

We will add three small, curved lines to the side of the taco. The sandwich’s bread will have similar curved lines on the side as the burger. Finally, we added some tiny dots to the burger’s bun and the meat’s surface on the drumstick. With these small details added, we can move on to the final pieces in the next step!

Step 5:– Add the final details to your drawing.

We’re not drawing ordinary food in this guide on removing cartoon food; in this step, we will add a fun detail! We will add a smiling face to each food for a charming extra touch. These faces will be pretty straightforward, with two small curved lines for the closed eyes and a simple smiling mouth underneath.

We will add a few extra curved lines onto the eyes for some eyelashes on the sandwich and taco. With these cute faces added, you can also go ahead and add any extra details of your own! You could add different food or a background for a few ideas, but how will you complete this image?

Step 6:– Finish off your drawing with color.

It’s time to add some colors to this image to finish it in style! In our reference image, we show you one way that you could color this. Even though these foods are mostly relatively muted, we tried to add more minor touches of brighter colors to smaller details.

While these are colors you could emulate if you like, you can also use any additional colors you may prefer instead! You can also play around with different art tools and mediums to get the colors you have in mind.

Cartoon Food Drawing

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