10 tips to help you read more books this year with Google book

1. Google Book is a great tool to help you read more books this year. It provides access to millions of titles, so no matter what kind of book you’re looking for, Google Book has something for you. With Google Book, you can quickly search through the library and find exactly what you need.

2. Google Book allows users to easily save books in their collection so they can come back later and re-read them or use as reference material. There are also options to share books with friends and family, or even loan them out if needed!

3. Google Book makes it easy to find new books that fit your interests, as well as discover hidden gems from classic authors that might have been forgotten. Google Book also includes book reviews, so you can quickly evaluate which books are worth your time and which ones might not be as good.

4. Google Book also provides access to free ebooks from public domain sources, making it a great way to add classic literature to your collection without spending any money!

5. Google Book makes it easy to track your reading progress with its built-in reading log feature. You can set goals for the number of pages or chapters you want to read in a day or week, then track how well you’re doing in real time. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to complete a book before a certain date!

6. Google Book also has a feature that allows you to highlight passages in books and save them for future reference. This is especially useful if you’re studying or writing a paper on the topic!

7. Google Book makes it easy to find book clubs and other reading events based on your interests. It can help connect you with like-minded readers who share your enthusiasm for books, which can make reading more enjoyable overall.

8. With Google Book, you can access a variety of audiobooks as well as physical and digital formats of thousands of titles. If you’re looking for something to listen to while driving or doing chores around the house, Google Book has got you covered!

9. Google Book also provides access to a variety of educational tools and resources, such as quizzes, study guides, and more. This makes it a great tool for learning about various topics in a deeper way.

10. Google Book is an excellent resource for readers of all ages, levels of experience, and interests. Whether you’re looking to increase your knowledge or just find some good books to read this year, Google Book has something for everyone! With its wide selection of books and helpful reading-related features, Google Book can help make your 2019 the most bookish year yet.

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