10 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying As Much Or A Lot More Than the Average American Salary

It is always nice to work from home, but the lack of jobs to do from home made this desire, a pipe dream some time ago. However, today the scenario has changed a lot and there is simply a lot, which you can do from home. You can start a business or even work for a company. Let me update you on ten such jobs, where the earnings potential are greater than the average American salary.

  1. The referral marketing

If you are looking for ideas to make money from home, we would first like to point out referral marketing. There is scope to earn commissions and it is lucrative. It is via a website, one can refer a book to Amazon. Once a visitor into Amazon buys the book, you will be paid a commission.

  1. The cooking skills

You would love to explore real ways to make money from home and we would insist on the need to tap the cooking skills. One can start a catering business from home and this is a lucrative way to earn money. One can sell at the local farmer markets.

  1. The art of bookkeeping

You could master the art of bookkeeping and this should answer the question on how to make money as a teenager. It is not a tough job and you need not have to be a CPA. One can get a basic idea of the work from community colleagues and start. There are plenty of stay at home bookkeepers who make anywhere in the $70,000.

  1. The web animation job

There are also creative ways to make money sitting at home and one can operate as an animator. If you have a flair for art, it is easy to create the animations, or even visual effects for television, movies and even video games. The scope of earnings for an animator could be anywhere in the range of $25 to $106 per hour.

  1. The child care giving business

This is an age for working couples and hence it is a lucrative business to run a childcare agency from home. It is once you obtain the license, permits for such a business, one can start.

  1. Work as a consultant

Do you have some expertise in any field? If so, one can always work as a consultant. An example could be if you have accounting or legal knowledge. You can advise small business owners and earn a decent income.

  1. The customer service representative job

You can work as a customer service representative from home, but provided one has excellent communication skills. It is always possible, if you have a landline and reliable internet services. The scope of earnings for a CSR from home lies in the range of $8 to $15 per hour.

  1. You could input data:

The data entry job is the perfect answer to the question of how to make money online for beginners. It could be a boring job, but this is some work where you do not require any previous experience. There is scope to earn $10 per hour.

  1. The copywriting offers lucrative payouts

These days you get the scope to copyright for various business houses sitting at home and the payouts for such a job can reach six figures.

  1. You could be a grant writer

The Universities, hospitals and nonprofit organizations often need to place an application for grant money. Such applications are difficult to write and often there arises a need for talented writers. If you are capable, one can make anywhere in the range of $40,000 to $67,000 annually.

These are ten work from home jobs where the earnings potential can match or at times cross any average American salary. You can look to earn good money sitting at home.

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