2023 Best International Whiskey Company : Indian Indri

Within two years, this Indian whiskey company Indri wrote its name in the history of India. The 2023 Whiskey of the World Awards have already been announced. The makers of Indian whiskey announced the list of all the awards in a blog post. A detailed array of over one hundred whiskey varieties from all corners of the world is painstakingly evaluated and the winners are declared as excellence.

Indian whiskey has earned the title of the best whiskey in the world there are many varieties of whiskeys around the world. Indian whiskey ‘Indri’ has been named the best whiskey in the world at the 2023 Whiskey of the World Awards. It is a remarkable achievement to receive the world’s best award at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious whiskey-tasting competitions. Indri is a local brand from Piccadilly Distillery in Haryana, India. Indri started its journey in 2021. According to The Sunday Guardian, Indri has won more than 14 international awards in the last two years.

The Whiskey of the World Awards is an annual event that features a total of over 100 whiskeys from around the world. India is very proud of making itself the best of all. In this great success of the two-year journey India’s whiskey makers posted –

Indian Indri


Indri will be accessible in several European countries including the US from November 2023 after being announced as the world’s best. Apart from overseas, it is already being sold in 17 international locations and 19 states across India.

Source Page: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/indri-whiskey-from-india-secures-coveted-title-of-worlds-best-whisky/articleshow/104098263.cms?from=mdr

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