7 Best Online American Sign Language Certification Program In 2023

American Sign Language or ASL is the language of North Americans who are deaf or find it hard to hear. There could be anywhere between 2,50,000 to 5,00,00 ASL users and so it has also become an effective medium of communication. Data says that it is the fourth most studied language in American universities. You might just have to communicate with an ASL user and so it is better to enroll in universities offering American Sign Language certification programs.

Communication is the main reason you would want to enroll in universities offering American Sign Language certification programs. ASL teaches you to be aware and sensitive to the cause of deaf people. Understanding the ASL language has also become important in the job market. So, you would certainly want to enroll in prominent universities offering this course. Here are seven names you can pick from.

1: Gallaudet University;

This is the name we would like to take first as you search for universities teaching American Sign Language certification programs. The university, founded in 1864, offers a free ASL beginner’s course. So, you can learn the basic language and there are options for advanced education.  The university has varied paid courses for people who are serious about learning the ASL medium of communication.

Students get to know about finger spelling and visual-gestural communication. The university also offers some bilingual deaf study courses. You can enroll in black people’s deaf study courses or women’s deaf study courses. This is best overall for anyone who intends to know all about ASL.

2: American Sign Language University

Experts suggest students on the lookout for a budget option in the search for universities teaching American Sign Language certification programs can enroll here. Instructors & students and their families have all nice things to say about this university. This teaching facility offers a completely free ASL resource course. This is the brainchild of Dr. Bill Vicars, who is himself deaf. The professor has been teaching ASL for the last two decades in this facility and students eager to learn from someone experienced can enroll.

The ASLU offers instructor-guided courses for $483, but the self-guided resources are free. This is the reason it is a budget option. There will be instructional videos, vocabulary lists, and practice assignments for students to fine-tune their skills.

3: ASL Meredith

This is another name to select in the search for American Sign Language certification programs. This is popular as an online self-paced course. It will teach you the foundations of grammar & vocabulary and conversations. The creator of this course, Meredith, is a hearing person, but she picked up this language from a friend at a young age. The course consists of six modules with comprehensive video instructions.

A student who has enrolled here can seek access to practice assignments and quizzes. It is a six week’s course, but being self-guided, you can make adjustments based on your learning capacity.

4: Sign It:

The options are varied as you scout for American Sign Language certification programs and this is another ASL teaching facility that is renowned. This is another self-paced course, and it’s free for families in the US who have a child younger than 36 months suffering from hearing loss. Data shows that around two to three babies out of 1000 suffer from hearing disorders and you can identify this deficiency in your kid before he/she is six months old.

The course comprises 20 units and students will be taught vocabulary & stories and conversion practices. There will be lessons on deaf culture & quizzes and undoubtedly this is the best among American Sign Language certification programs.

5: Start ASL

You can enroll with this popular name among American Sign Language certification programs online. It is an online learning program that is modeled after classrooms. In this course, there is a focus on conversion practices to the core. Every unit will have a vocabulary video & lessons and assignments. The course offers three levels, and each of them is equivalent to one year of high school language.

A student who enrolls in this program can select from the two ranges of subscriptions. You can select from either silver or gold. You will pay $25 per month for the silver program and $50 per month for the gold. The students who enroll in gold can look forward to more support.

6: SignOn Connect:

This is special among American Sign Language certification programs because students get a lot more personal attention. ASL students who need a one-to-one learning environment can look to enroll in this course. Despite being an online course, a student can expect a one-to-one video conferencing setting. As a student, you will be paired with deaf ambassadors and in many 30-minute sessions, the primary objective is to build a relationship with the deaf community.

A session will cost you $25. But you can incur some savings by buying bundle packs. If your kid is a member of the American Society for Deaf Children he/she can benefit by participating in five free sessions.

7: ASL Deafined:

This is another course you can follow in the search for the best American Sign Language certification programs. This course offers a constantly expanding video dictionary of over 15,000 words. Students who have enrolled say that it is an expansive & self-guided method to learn ASL vocabulary.

Before you join the course, it is essential to communicate your position to the faculty. If you are a parent of a deaf or a hard-hearing child, then they will prepare the lessons accordingly so that you can achieve the best possible results. The program also offers three hundred themed lessons to improve memorization. The course is available via the company’s online app and you can subscribe for a yearly fee of $36.


These are seven of the best American Sign Language certification programs and if you intend to learn about ASL, you can enroll. This way you can communicate easily with any dear one who is perhaps facing a hearing problem. You can understand him/her better and things should be smooth.

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