A Complete Description of the Best Under 7 Football Drills!

Training young players, especially those under the age of 7, involves fun, engaging drills suitable for their developmental stage. Here’s a complete guide to the best football drills designed to enhance the skills of under-7 players, ensuring they not only improve their football abilities but also have a great time doing it.

  • Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are excellent for young players because they combine fun and skill development. Set up a course that includes cones to dribble around, small hurdles to jump over, and tunnels to crawl through. This helps improve their agility, balance, and ball control while keeping them entertained.

  • Red Light, Green Light

This popular game can be adapted for football by having children dribble their ball toward the coach when the “green light” is called and freeze when the “red light” is announced. It teaches control and dribbling skills while improving their ability to listen and react.

  • Sharks and Minnows

In this game, one player is the “shark” trying to steal the ball from the “minnows,” who must dribble from one end of the play area to the other without losing their ball. It’s great for teaching defensive skills to the shark and dribbling under pressure for the minnows.

  • Treasure Hunt

Place colored cones or small flags around the field and give each player a list of colors to collect. Players must dribble their ball to each cone, perform a specific skill (like a turn or stop), and then move to the next target. This drill encourages precise dribbling and teaches players to control the ball while making decisions.

  • Balloon Keep Up

Young children can struggle with juggling a football due to its weight and size. Using a balloon is a fun way for them to learn the concept of keeping the ball up. This drill improves their timing and coordination in a fun, playful way.

  • Passing Pairs

Pair up players and have them pass the ball back and forth, encouraging them to move after passing. This simple activity helps develop their passing skills and the understanding of moving into open space after passing, which is a key concept in football.

  • Traffic Lights

This drill involves the coach calling out colors associated with different actions. For example, green might mean dribble, red might mean stop, and yellow might mean walking with the ball. It’s a fantastic way to teach players to control the ball and react quickly to changes.

  • Clean Your Room

This game is played by dividing players into two teams, each with half of the field littered with balls. The aim is for teams to clear their side of the field by kicking balls into the other team’s half, all while keeping control of their own ball. It teaches kicking strength, accuracy, and strategic thinking.

  • Follow the Leader

Have one player dribble around in random patterns and directions, with the rest of the players following and mimicking the leader’s actions. This drill teaches players to mimic skills like dribbles, turns, and stops, improving their ability to handle the ball and follow directions.

  • Goal Scoring Relay

Set up a small goal at one end of the playing field. Players line up at the other end and, one at a time, dribble towards the goal and try to score. After shooting, the player retrieves the ball, dribbles back, and tags the next player in line. This improves dribbling and shooting skills and adds a fun, competitive element to the training session.

Incorporating these drills into your training sessions for under-7 players will make the sessions more enjoyable and productive. The drills are designed to develop fundamental football skills while ensuring the kids are engaged and active. By keeping the activities fun and inclusive, young players are likelier to fall in love with the game and continue playing as they grow.

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