Android 13 ‘Tiramisu’: Breaking Down Google’s Massive 2022 Updates

An Android update always comes with a predictable pattern of previous releases. Previously, Google’s Android 12 update was the biggest visual redesign since Android 5. It is mainly similar to the previous update in terms of aesthetics. But, it offers a wide range of dynamic new features. Google’s Android 13 is arguably a gold version now available in all Pixel and some non-Pixel supported devices. The following article features all the intrinsic details you need to know about Android 13. 

The latest Android 13 named as?

With Android 10’s design, Google ditched its dessert naming scheme. But, internally, the Google development team did keep up with the dessert names. Android 11 was called ‘Red Velvet’ whereas Android 12 was internally called ‘Snow Cone’. But, with this version, Google is no longer keeping it a secret as it is called ‘Tiramisu’.  

When did latest Android 13 have its official release?

The stable version of the update was released on August 15, 2022. It was in February 2022 that the official Developer Preview program started, which led to various changes until its official release in August. It is a hit platform stability in June, followed by two Beta releases. But, in July 2022, Google released the Android 13 Beta 4 update. 

It is received the QPR1 Beta 2 update earlier this month. Google will supposedly offer more builds to this version in the following months. 

Which devices will get?

The Pixel smartphones from Google are the first to receive ‘Tiramisu’ when it releases later this year. But, when the non-Pixel devices will receive the update is not known. Smartphones with lighter UX skins, like Asus’ Zen UI, will receive the its update before the ones with heavier skins, like Xiaomi’s MIUI. 

Where to get the latest Android 13 Beta?

The links to download the stable the packages are not yet available to the general masses. But once they are made available, one can find the eligible package for their device. They can further install the package manually and try the new software. 

Highlights of Android 13 updated features from Developers Preview 1

  • Google is making Bluetooth and Ultra-wideband stacks mainline modules in this version. 
  • Offering faster hyphenation. 
  • Access to the request of nearby Wi-Fi device permission is available. 
  • Android 13’s core library is offering the most recent LTS version of OpenJDK updates. 
  • It is DP1 build will feature a new quick settings title. 
  • There are pre-app language preferences which it has brought with the help of a new platform API. 
  • New themed app icons are available. 

Are there any other features?

Apart from this, Google always brings a bunch of unannounced changes which act as hidden features. Various other features did follow with each preview and beta update. There have also been significant bug fixes and improvements till the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3.1 & 3.2 updates. 

Android 13 is now available on various flagship devices. Google is expected to offer monthly QPR releases until the following Android 14 preview. Moreover, Until then, users can download eligible packages and get acquainted with the latest Android 13. 

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