Are You Looking for Fresher Jobs in Delhi?

Every year lakhs of students come out from universities and colleges with graduate and postgraduate degrees. Besides, thousands of engineering and management graduates also pass out from hundreds of institutions distributed all over India. For all these people, the number one priority is to find good jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, or any other city.

However, the nature of the job market has changed in the last two years, due to the pandemic, a new concept of “work from home” has emerged. Moreover, companies are increasingly shifting towards employing experienced people, which reduces the availability of fresher jobs.

However, you must put extra effort into getting a fresher’s job. In this article, we will tell you about some famous avenues to explore freshers jobs in Delhi.

Company website

If you are looking for jobs in Delhi, you should make a comprehensive list of Delhi-based companies you would like to work for; keep visiting their careers webpage. It’s very typical for companies to put up vacancies on their careers page, which candidates can use to apply directly.


Recruitment through referrals has become an established norm for a professional company. It is also the most effective way to get freshers jobs in Delhi. Ideally, it would help if you approach those you know, such as your school or college friends, your colleagues, employees of the company where you interned, or even your relatives, to recommend you for available positions in their companies.

Every leading company has a referral program where they hire people referred by their existing employees. A referral can favor you by taking you to the interview room. Then, it is entirely up to you to impress the interviewing panel and get the job you deserve. Recruitment through referral also suits companies because the prospective employee already knows the existing employee, who gives them a kind of endorsement. Companies often pay referral bonuses for such hirings, which is an incentive.

Contact personally or through email

While on a job hunt, you should be quick to approach people directly. You can easily find email ids of potential recruiters from their company’s website and send out emails with your resume and an excellent cover letter. You can go one step further and visit their office and leave your resume at the reception. Sometimes people get their dream jobs through this method which looks ordinary but is very effective.

Tips on getting fresher jobs in Delhi

Being a fresher, you may find the entire job hunt process stressful and overwhelming. However, if you plan and prepare well, you can easily succeed in your mission. We provide regular tips to make your job search easier and help you get the job you always wanted.

Relax in your approach

Ideally, everyone wants a job as soon as they leave college, but they should not stress themselves if they don’t have one yet. The best way to prepare for fresher jobs is to take a break, relax, and continue searching for the job. A calm and relaxed mind can achieve anything.

Build a powerful resume

It would help if you realized that a powerful resume goes a long way in getting selected for job interviews for fresher jobs. Usually, freshers put little effort into preparing their resumes. They usually download a resume format from the internet and apply. Your resume needs to be designed in such a way that it should highlight your core skills and strengths. The first step to creating a great resume is listing all the abilities you have identified over the years. You should include your solid personal qualities, soft skills, communication skills, and technical skills.

Once you have decided about the skills, you want to highlight in your resume, choose a friendly format and start developing it. If you face difficulties writing a convincing resume, seek help from a senior or take professional resume writing service. Several online job portals can help you create a professional and saleable resume for a small fee.

Be Creative

If you are creative by nature, you should include a visual, graphic, resume depending on the type of jobs you are applying for. It will make your resume more attractive than other candidates and allow you to shine through. However, you should ensure that you are staying focused on your core strengths. Most importantly, your resume should be short and crisp. It’s important to note that your prospective employer will only look at your resume for a few seconds before selecting or rejecting it.

Focus on finished projects 

If you have experience of working on any project during an internship or headed a committee during your student days in your college, mention that in your resume. Talk about projects relevant to the job requirement or have helped you acquire technical knowledge or personal growth.

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