Best hotels to avail at in Beijing!

If you are planning for your next big vacation, you are without a doubt at the right place to avail so! Look at our best options for hotels around the world, while you start packing your bags. China is one the best spots for tourism, but nonetheless also for business. Without delaying your options, look through some of the hotels that we have specifically picked out for you to go and have a great time at in case China is next on your list for travelling!

Some of the most popular hotel deals that will help you want to pack your bags and travel without any problems are:

  • CYTS Shanshui Trends Hotel Beijing West Railway Station The hotel comes with a beautiful queen sized bed for only two people with a shower, free amenities, bath tub, and the rooms are beautiful to live in. The rooms offer a beautiful view from the balcony. Hotels are available from $354, which is definitely a deal even we couldn’t imagine!
  • Jingjiang Inn Beijing Waifujing-Beijing is the hub when it comes to having some great street food in China. Beijing has great food, great culture, great places to shop at and eat at and great nightlife in case you want to have some fun, and great hotels. We at Best Free Travel Tips provide you with the Jingjiang Inn which is one of the best hotels to stay at in China. Starting from $448 for a standard deluxe rooms and amazing service, choose to stay here so you don’t burn your pockets. A stay for 9 days is $448, and these are deals only Best Free Travel Tips can provide you with!
  • The Hot Spring Hotel of the Hot Club Beijing– Located at Fangxingyuang, this hotel is great option if you are looking for something around the professional line and something that helps you with your business purpose. It is also one of the best options in case you are looking for something that is more professional and suits your needs in case you want to hold a small meeting. It will be even more better if you wish to conduct a conference for your office. Now moving to the standard of rooms, this place offers a brilliant offer for a deluxe double room which comes for ONLY $411 while giving you a queen size bed, a standard bathroom with a tub and other free amenities.
  • Beijing Red Hotel-Get a Japanese style double room, for only $448, as we at Best Free Travel Tips will suggest Beijing Red Hotel at such a low price, which is for a standard queen sized room providing the best bathroom and free amenities, also coming with free wifi provided by the hotel!

These were our top picks for some of the best hotels in China! Go ahead, pack your bag, and get going!

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