Best Vacation Spot: Beach vs. Mountains

A famous ‘Would You Rather’ question, it clearly emphasizes the relative dominance of the two geographic locations as people’s favorite vacation spots, triumphing over the enchanting forests. Taking holidays to go for a vacation alone is quite an arduous task, let alone having to choose between these two seemingly impossible options. Luxury honeymoons in movies have often highlighted the beach, with the cotton-like clouds on an azure sky and tranquil waters, the actress sprawls under the sun-clad with sunscreen soaking in the new found love along with the sunrays. Mountains have majestic, mystic yet a rustic and romantic feel. Mountains are synonymous with warm and fuzzy woolen sweaters, comfortable duvets and a cup of warm beverage in hand while leafing through your favorite book.

Beach while being a more luxurious and lavish retreat for people who want to have a vacation that makes a statement beside calming soul, mountains are a place where one can get lost in the magical beauty of the landscapes. Mountains are the best escape place for artists and writers who prefer the solitary and quiet.

Beaches: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Let’s start with the good. Since a sun-kissed bronze skin is all the buzz now, the beach is the perfect place for you to soak up the extra Vitamin D. If you are someone who cannot stand the cold, the beach is the best place for you. With a climate that is neither too hot, nor too cold, it is the perfect place to bring out the halter neck top that you had been avoiding for the freezing winter. You can surf on the waves and meet the marine creatures. Beaches offer a variety of leisure activities during the day as well as the night, with the beaches filled with the crowd even at night. If you are seafood enthusiast, then beaches are the perfect place for you.

On the downside, with so many people opting for beaches, the place is often overcrowded. If you are sensitive to sunlight, then this might not be the place you to go, unless you are lathered up in sunscreen.

Mountains: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Mountains offer more tranquility than sea or ocean because fewer people generally opt to go for the more remote areas. If you are looking forward to unwinding on your vacation, then this might be the place for you to go. Mountains are an especially good option for someone who works in the creative field. Besides providing an escape from the social distractions like mobile, computer and laptop, it also provides a lot of inspiration for the artists, poets, and writers. You can enjoy the nature at its best and get lost in the mysticism of the snowy mountains and rivers trickling down majestic hills. The morning air is fresh and the frozen dew drops on the leaves are a sight to behold.

At the same time, it may not be an ideal spot for someone who needs to communicate a lot. For a businessman who needs to always keep connected or who needs to get live updates, mountains may not be the perfect vacation spot for them. With the lack of proper electricity and development, the houses lack many of the modern amenities. A person who is always looking for more social stimulation would get bored of the serene and tranquil nature of mountains. That being said, it all depends on the mentality and the most important part of a vacation is whether you enjoy it.

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