Chandon Garden Spritz is the ideal summer tipple

Is there anything better than enjoying a Chandon Garden Spritz on a warm summer day? We think not! This refreshing tipple is the perfect way to enjoy the sunny weather, and we have no doubt that it will become your go-to drink this season.

So what exactly is a Chandon Garden Spritz? Well, it’s a delicious mix of Chandon Brut Imperial, white peach puree, and mint leaves, all served over ice. And trust us when we say that it is absolutely divine.

If you’re looking for the perfect summertime drink, then look no further than the Chandon Garden Spritz. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

What is Chandon Garden Spritz?

Chandon Garden Spritz is a refreshing sparkling wine spritzer made with Chandon Brut Classic, white peach puree, and a hint of mint. Serve chilled over ice for the perfect summertime refresher. Chandon Garden Spritz is also available in a can, making it the perfect portable drink for picnics, days at the beach, or anywhere you want to enjoy a refreshing glass of Chandon.

Chandon Garden Spritz is the perfect drink for summertime parties or anytime you need a refreshing break. Made with Chandon Brut Classic and white peach puree, this sparkling wine spritzer is perfectly served over ice. Chandon Garden Spritz is also available in a can, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re picnicking in the park or spending a day at the beach, Chandon Garden Spritz is the perfect way to enjoy a glass of Chandon.

So next time you’re looking for a refreshing summertime drink, reach for Chandon Garden Spritz. It’s the perfect combination of refreshment, flavor and convenience. Chandon Garden Spritz: summer in a can.

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