Developers Can Now Access Both OpenAI’s ChatGPT And Whisper API

ChatGPT has undergone a 90% cost reduction, making it available to developers. Whisper’s speech-to-text model is now available as on-demand access. The developers can now avail the access, which will benefit everyone. 

OpenAI recently announced that ChatGPT and Whisper models are now available on its API. This allows the developers to access the AI-powered language and speech-to-text capabilities. However, With the help of system-wide optimisations, OpenAI could reduce the cost of ChatGPT. ChatGPT did undergo a significant 90% cost reduction last December. OpenAI is now passing on these savings to API users allowing them to access this cutting-edge technology. 

How will this impact the businesses?

The changes now introduced by OpenAI will help bring in numerous applications. The introduction of such applications will benefit everyone. Apart from this, businesses can use OpenAI’s speech-to-text and language capabilities. These capabilities will help the business create next-generation apps which ChatGPT and Whisper will power. 

But OpenAI has also further acknowledged feedback from the developers and has accordingly changed the API terms of services. These changes will suit the needs of the developers better. With the onset of the new changes. OpenAI is bringing a whole new opportunity- to grow and get acquainted with this high-end technology. 

ChatGPT API Upgrades For Best

OpenAI strives to improve the ChatGPT models offering upgrades to the developers constantly. The introduction of the latest gpt-3.5-turbo to the ChatGPT model family by OpenAI is creating a buzz. It is priced at 0.002 dollars per 1k token, ten times cheaper than the pre-existing GPT-3.5 models. The gpt-3.5-turbo uses a new format called Chat Markup Language or ChatML. 

With this upgrade, the gpt-3.5-turbo model users will always receive the recommended stable model. But still, they will get the option of choosing a specific version. The launch of a new version called gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 will get its expected stable release in April.  

The Whisper API

Introduced as an open-source API, Whisper, a speech-to-text model, has garnered praise from the developers. OpenAI’s Whisper is quite challenging to operate. The large-v2 model is now available at OpenAI’s API, providing the developers with convenient on-demand access. It is overall priced at 0.006 dollars per minute. OpenAI’s service stack provides fast performance in comparison to the other services. 

Infact, Whisper API is accessible through the translation endpoints or transcriptions, which can translate or transcribe the source text into the English language. OpenAI, with this accessibility, is providing a reliable source essential to guarantee everyone the benefits of AI. 

ChatGPT OpenAI has focused on the developers. 

OpenAI has considered the developer’s feedback and implemented some changes. 

Enhancing the developer documentation. Not using the submitted data through API. Further, it is for service improvements unless organisation consents grant.  A 30-day data retention policy offers simplified terms of service and usage policies. 

Nevertheless, OpenAI is now determined to offer the best AI benefits, but and improve its uptime over the following months.

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