Elevate your Cool Quotient with these 9 Must-Have Magnificent Shirts for Men

Men’s shirts are one of the most versatile and reliable articles of clothing. These modern-day armours justify the famous quote by American fashion designer Rachel Zoe,” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Therefore, every gentleman needs a good range of shirts that can save the day without compromising fashion. 

Why do you need to have trendy shirts for men handy? Good question. Well, for starters, these add variety and originality to your closet. These shirts will also ensure that you ooze suavity, stay relevant, and not settle for something that doesn’t align with your surroundings. Choosing the right fit from countless ready-made shirts can be pretty perplexing. Keep reading to meet all the shirts that deserve a place in your wardrobe to take your aura to the next level!

Here are the top 9shirts for men to help you rock all possible instances and occasions.

Linen Shirts For Everyday Errands

  • As the name suggests, no other fabric is better than linen to help you do your everyday errands in Style! Linen is a breathable fabric with an incredible superpower of trapping body heat. Thus, linen shirts can keep you warm in winter and cool during summer. 
  • Aside from being fashionable, you will also be doing your bit for the environment as linen wear comes under sustainable fashion. The exceptional durability of linen flax is the sole reason behind the longevity of luxurious linen shirts. 
  • If you’re going for a beach volleyball match with friends, a well-fitted linen shirt paired with linen shorts can be your go-to wear! Likewise, if heading to a movie theatre, slip into a cream-coloured linen shirt with jeans for a casual and breezy look. 
  • The luxurious appeal of linen fabric perfectly suits the happy vibe of festivals. So for an occasion like Rakshabandhan, you can team a white coloured linen shirt with black linen trousers and wear a pair of elegant Oxfords for footwear. 

Dress up in Camp Collared Short Sleeve Shirts

  • The mod loose-fitted cut of rock camp collared short-sleeved shirts makes it a comfy yet sleek summer-style fashion partner. The highlight of these shirts is how well they go with jeans, shorts, khakis, and trousers. 
  • Often deemed men’s favourite year-long staples, these comfy button-ups are always punctuated with eye-catching camp collars!  
  • Rock a camp collared short-sleeved shirt with black trousers for a fun get-together with friends and family, and top it off with a pair of leather sandals! 

Chambrays for Busy Days

  • Designed in the 19th century chambray shirt is ideal summer wear, best known for its versatility. 
  • Chambrays are shirts for men that seamlessly gel with jackets, overshirts, and blazers. Known for being ‘cousins to denim’, chambrays are made with a plain weave, unlike denim which is made with a diagonal weave. 
  • Leave a memorable impression on your first date by teaming up a chambray shirt with a light-toned denim jacket! Lastly, accessorise with a digital watch for a perfect date-ready look. 
  • Wish to present your go-getter side at your job interview? Opt for a chambray shirt paired with dark linen trousers and choose black oxfords for footwear.

Don Flannel Shirts in Style

  • Flannel shirts for men have a laid-back vibe and can be your light and casual pick for informal get-togethers. 
  • Initially, flannel shirts were seen as the representation of rugged men since these used to be the uniform of 20th-century construction workers and frontiersmen.
  • Thankfully, today casual classics can be worn by anyone throughout the year, despite changing seasons and climates. So you can go ahead and invest in these pocket-friendly casual shirts right away! 
  • Highlight your suavity with denim and boots since they are the fashion soulmates of flannel shirts. 

Make Jaws Drop with Dress Shirts

  • Dress shirts are a must-have for all celebrations that demand an extravagant style, such as weddings, reception parties, farewells, prom nights, etc. 
  • The classic French cuffs and cut-away collar paired with a tuxedo will make you look like a show-stopper among friends and acquaintances. 
  • You can also sport a bright dress shirt while visiting an annual art exhibition. The pop of bright colour will ensure that your appeal doesn’t fall flat, and you can hold your own in the crowd! 

Show off Your Athletic Side with Polo Shirts 

  • Polo shirts hold the highest status in leisure and sportswear, which became a hot commodity among tennis players during the 1920s when trousers and full-sleeved shirts were the norms. 
  • Since these shirts for menare created with a double weave of cotton called pique, they are light in weight and breathable.
  • You can wear a white polo shirt with white trousers and rock your outdoor games in Style! Also, light-coloured polo shirts paired with sweatpants can be perfect for your daily jogging sessions. 
  • You can also don polo shirts for casual work days like Saturdays when you visit the office to wrap up your extra work.  

Steal the Limelight in Formal Shirts 

  • Every man has an assigned place in his wardrobe for formal shirts in varied designs, cuts, and colours. After all, these are the designated corporate uniforms every office goer wears. 
  • Though simple formals appear decent, they are certainly not impactful enough to leave a lasting mark on clients. As a rule of thumb for corporate and formal settings goes, a well-fit formal shirt always wins! 
  • Go for custom-made formals that accentuate your features and express your personality. Since these will be tailored just for you, the cuts and stitches will amplify your confidence and make you look chic.

Demonstrate your Snazzy Side with Overshirts 

  • Overshirts are perfect for attaining a decent look in a hurry without appearing shabby. These are made of soft-textured nylon and are available in countless colour options. 
  • These baggy shirts for men are made of standard quality fabric and are thus, perfect for all weathers! 
  • If you are cycling on a summer evening, you can wear a pastel-coloured tee coupled with a dark-coloured overshirt and track pants for a trendy look. 

Impress Others with Cuban Collar Shirts 

  • Cuban collar shirts are back in the fashion game thanks to the hype around 1950s classic vintage fashion! 
  • Featuring a buttoned front, short sleeves, and a timeless boxy fit, these shirts are ideal for a tropical vacation! Fashionistas like to call these shirts for men a slice of Americana. 
  • Ensure that your sleeves are tailored to perfection around your arms to flaunt your best appeal
  • Chinos and linen shorts are best matches for Cuban collar shirts. 

Now that you know all about the must-have shirts for men get started on your shopping list! Jot down the above suggestions in your list and get ready to embrace reinvented styling. 

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