Find the Best Arabic Baby Name for your Newly Born Child

Arabic names are mainly for Muslim babies in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the USA. Most Arabic names have significant importance for the Islam religion. On the other hand, Arabic names for girls names are sometimes derived from popular boys’ names. The names given at birth are called ism, and male Arabic isms commonly begin with synonym words for Allah. While female isms usually end with an “ah” sound. While naming their babies, parents not only consider the meaning of the name but also the sound of it. Middle names are usually rare for an Arabic baby name.

Use a Baby Name Finder Tool

These days, there is a big craze among Muslim families in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to find a unique Arabic baby name for their children, but they are not sure how to do that. There is good news for such people because they now have an online baby name finder tool to help them. There is no need to consult your friends, family members, and experts to suggest the best Arabic baby name for your newly born child. You can sit comfortably in your living room and discover the name you have been looking for through a baby name finder app.

There are many popular baby names in Arabic, but most parents find it rather traditional and boring. Since the name becomes an integral part of a child and lasts till their lifetime, parents do a lot of research before settling for a particular name. However, a good baby name finder tool will give you so many choices for an Arabic baby name that you will find it difficult to reject a name. Most importantly, you just have to click on a name to find its meaning, popularity, origin, and other useful information.

We have chosen some unique Arabic names for your child. You can review the list to find the most suitable name for your son or daughter.

List of Arabic boy names

Ali: It’s a very popular name in Islam and holds a special place among followers. The name Ali stands for someone who is exalted and the best.

Aaid: If you want to give your male baby a name beginning with the alphabet ‘A,’ you can consider this unique name. The meaning of Aaid is to restore or return.

Behr: It’s one of the most attractive names beginning from the alphabet ‘B.’ The name Behar stands for sea, water, and wave.

Daim: You can give this name to your newly born son. The word Daim means fixed and constant in the Arabic language.

Dalim: In Arabic, the pomegranate is called Dalim. If you are looking for a typical Arabic name for your son, you can choose this name.

Faid: It’s one of the most loved names for a son in Arabic. The name Faid stands for advantage and progress.

Faiz: You must have come across such a name very often. Faiz has multiple meanings, like Edge, Mighty, Beautiful, Gracious, Victorious, Blessing, and Conqueror.

Gabir: If you are looking for an Arabic name for your son that starts with the letter’ G,’ you can name him Gabir. The meaning of Gabir in Arabic is comforter and consoler.

Qian: Qian is one of the most unique names for a baby boy that stands for king, royal, ancient, and remote.

Kabir: It’s also a very popular name in India because Kabir was one of the greatest saints. The word Kabir stands for Great, Powerful, and Leader.

Vakar is one of the few Arabic names starting with ‘V,’ which means respect and pride.

Here are a few suggestions if you are looking for a modern Arabic baby name for your girl child.

Aliya: This Arabic name for a girl child is very popular in India. It belongs to one of the most popular female stars of Bollywood. The name Aaliyah stands for someone who is the highest in social status.

Aaisha: If you want your daughter’s name to begin with the letter ‘A,’ you can name her Aisha. It is a very stylish Arabic name and is popular throughout the world. Ayesha means living or prosperous in Arabic.

Amara: Amara is another beautiful name for a girl child. The word stands for kindness or grace. If you are looking for such qualities in your girl, it’s a good idea to make the beginning by naming her Amara.

Selina: If you are searching for an Arabic name for your girl child that starts from the letter’ S,’ you can name her Selena. It’s an ancient name in Arabic that stands for heaven. However, the name is usually pronounced ‘seh-leen-ah.’

Fatima: Fatima is one of the most popular names in Arabic because the name belongs to the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. The meaning of this popular Arabic name is captivating.

Hanifa: If you want your daughter’s name to begin with the letter’ H,’ you should name her Hanifa is the feminine form of Hanif, which refers to people who uphold the religion of Ibrahim. Its meaning in Arabic is a true believer.

Hyatt: It’s one of the loveliest Arabic names for a girl child, which stands for high place. This name will suit your daughter very well.

You can choose one of these names for your newborn baby, and if you want more choices, you can always consult a baby name finder tool.

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