Five planets are lining up in the sky in June. Here’s how to see it.

If you love stargazing, this is a month you won’t want to miss. Five planets are currently lining up in the sky, and the alignment will be visible from Earth beginning this week.

According to NASA, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all aligning — in that order — for the first time since December 2004. The phenomenon will be most visible to stargazers on Friday, June 24, but the alignment will be visible in the sky for several days before and after that date.

Sky & Telescope magazine has more details on how to spot the alignment. Look for a “line of five bright dots” in the western sky after sunset. The planets will be visible to the naked eye, but binoculars or a telescope will help you see them more clearly.

This is a rare event, so be sure to mark your calendar and enjoy the show!

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