How Hackers Are Infecting Pirate Games with Malware

Hacking is a crime just like robbery or theft. Nobody appreciates the privacy breaching. A hacker is a digital thief who can damage your life in many ways. The major damage of all is your financial loses. A hacker can steal your security and private credentials and then blackmail you to get money. He can steal the money himself if he knows your bank accounts. He can damage you socially, by sending inappropriate data to your friends and family. With many other harms that hackers can cause, there is big threat in surroundings. Hackers are infecting the pirate games with malware. In this article, you will know about how infected pirate games can harm you? What is malware? How malware can damage your data? How to save yourself from malware and pirate games?

What Is Malware?

Malware is a common noun of many malicious software. Purpose of all is the same. They infiltrate the systems and then harm it without the permission of the owner. Malicious software can be of many types. We will briefly discuss some of them to have better understandings.


Sometimes malware is in the form of viruses. Viruses can alter the correct functionality of a program. There are codes of virus which alter the function and make it run abnormally. Computer virus is like biological virus. They have high infiltrating power and can damage the core very easily. Usually, viruses contain an .exe file which can harm all the executions file of the systems. Pirate games are very common source of these viruses. When you install those games, they harm the other applications as well.


Worms are like the germs. They stick to one computer then transfer to others as it comes in contact with others. They do not directly harm the execution files, rather they copy the contacts from your computer. And infect those list members when they connect to your computer. You can locate these worms by checking the progress of your computer. Usually, the excessive use of ram is the indication of active worms. This type of malware is not very common in pirate games. Worms are likely to operate on internet connections. Use of emails and social media is the easy way to transfer them from one computer to other.


This type of malware is the most common among all. They are a bit like virus but their way of infiltration and working is a bit different. Trojan is like a mouse in your home. It stays hidden and harms your things in dark. More than 70 percent of the malware exist in the form of malware. Their main purpose is to open a back door for other malicious attacks. If there is Trojan in your pc, you are security less. Any malware can reach and harm your pc easily. Hackers are using pirate games to open that door on your pc. You cannot even judge that either the game is taking too much memory or the there is some malware in the pc.


According to an assignment writing firm, Ransomware is the blockage of your pc. Your screen will show a constant message that hacker has installed. Meaning of ransom is to rescue something. Ransomware will hijack your pc and will demand their (hackers’) needs for rescuing and resuming the pc again. It operates on the basis of some other malware. For example, if you have worms on your pc, Ransomware will use its access and encrypt the data of your pc and then block it. This technique is also very common among hackers and these days they are using it in pirate games as well. As pirate game is easy way to approach a personal computer.

Possible Harm Of Infected Pirate Games:

As explained above, there are so many ways to breach the security of the computer. The best and easiest way is to infect the games. Games are welcomed in every corner of the world. It is very difficult to detect the back-end malware in the games. A recent survey of Avast explained that hackers are focusing famous games. For example, GTA 5, Far cry 5, The sims 4 and Jurassic world evolution.

Mining Of Cryptocurrency:

According to the report, the purpose of the hackers is to mine the cryptocurrencies using your pcs. Worth of more than 2 million US dollars mining on blockchain technology has been done since 2018. This is indeed a big amount. Hackers first infiltrate your pc and then start mining at the back end. You will be consuming your energy for the goods of hackers. You will gain nothing in return. This is a new and modern technique of robbery. You can compare the energy consumption through a Cambridge report. According to that report, near 120 terawatt hours of energy is consuming in mining crypto currencies yearly. For the rest, the performance of your pc will get disturbed badly. Normal house hold computers are not recommended for mining purposes. Even your hardware can be damaged because of this. Following are the recommendations to avoid these attacks.

How Can You Avoid Infection/Attacks on Pirate Games?

You need to keep this thing in mind that pirated software are harmful. You should always buy software and games from official stores. In order to get these games and software at cheap rate, wait for the sale that you can avail by getting up to 90% discount. In case, if someone can’t give up the pirated software, they should follow these points.

  • They need to avoid such pirated sites that are doubtful. The chance of getting infection becomes less by a major torrent tacker where there are many moderators. At least it is less than any uncertain source that appeared just a few months ago.
  • Installing a trust worthy antivirus can help you out. Don’t disable such antivirus because it doesn’t have any malware. A free game without a virus is more reliable than a pirate source that cannot offer a malware free game.


Malware can be of many types. Some of them remain hidden and operate at the back end. Hackers are using this type of malware in pirate games to mine cryptocurrencies and other harms as well. Follow the above recommendations to avoid them.

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