How to Get Clients for a Security Company: Tips for Security Installers

A physical security company can serve clients in either the commercial or multifamily sectors, but every building needs security measures. The question is, how do security companies get clients, those buildings and outshine your competitors to earn their business? The security marketing guide below will help. If you’re looking for security marketing tips, tricks, and insights, read on.

How can I brand my security company?

Create a powerful, identifiable brand to help your security company stand out. Although building a brand takes time, the work you put into it will be worthwhile in the end.

Start by working with a trustworthy company that can assist you in creating a logo, a color scheme, and other crucial branding components. then make use of those components.

Tips to make your security company stand out:

Purchase swag. Free things are always a hit! Invest in promotional items with the emblem of your business to hand out at trade exhibits, networking gatherings, job sites, and even just in everyday life.

Use prominent signage inside. If you run a showroom or storefront, make an investment in a vibrant, eye-catching sign.

Emphasize special offerings or warranties. Think on the actual differences between your business and those of your rivals. Do you guarantee complete satisfaction? Do you provide a special service that no one else does, like integrations? Or do you provide services for a niche market like gated communities? Tell the public what makes your business unique.

In any case, advertise your security business using methods like:

  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Third-party directories
  • Google ads
  • Word-of-mouth


Social media

Social media offers two opportunities: paid advertising and organic content generation and customer connection.

By frequently updating your social media accounts and interacting with your followers, you may create organic interest in your company. And you don’t need to be an expert in social media to take use of these networks. The most effective accounts are frequently the ones that seem real. Share pictures, tales, and advice on your team’s successful installs, security system upgrades, and security system selection.

Your website

If you want to expand your business in the digital age, you must need a website. Your website can create more leads than all of your other marketing tactics put together, regardless of whether you run a tiny local business that only serves a single metro area or a major corporation with operations across many states.

Third-party directories

Websites or platforms that list businesses frequently include their contact details, service descriptions, and client testimonials in directories. You ought to have a listing on sites like Yelp and Angi for your security business.

Adding your company to outside directories:

helps you connect with potential customers who might not have otherwise found you

shows customer testimonials, which have a big influence on whether a prospect decides to contact you.

gives all the information you require about your company in one convenient location.

Google ads

One of the most effective marketing strategies for a security company to attract customers is to run paid advertisements on search engines like Google.

After all, what are they going to do first when they need a new security system for their apartment or business building?

They’ll probably Google “security firm near me” or something like.

You may generate a tonne of warm leads from people who are in immediate need of your services by investing in the advertising that shows up in Google and Bing searches.


Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing!

Trust is essential when providing key services like installing access control and security systems. You will never get a prospect’s business if they don’t believe you can accomplish the task well.

5 tips for marketing a security company

You are confident in your ability to complete the task successfully; all you need are the correct instruments to attract new clients. So how do security firms attract customers? with strong marketing.

If you want to attract more customers for your security company, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Here are five marketing strategies for a security company:

  • Consider your market segment
  • Request feedback from satisfied clients.
  • Don’t be scared by networking and cold outreach.
  • Build trust with partners to get referrals and repeat business
  • Offer the appropriate goods and services.


  • Consider your market segment

If you don’t know who you’re selling to, you can’t advertise your company efficiently. But who exactly is a security company’s target customer?

That depends on a couple different things.

Consider the following questions to how to get clients for security company pdf:

  • Which services do you provide? Do you, for instance, focus on low-voltage installations?
  • Do you like to work on a number of modest projects or a few big ones?
  • Which clientele have you previously had the most success with? small apartment complexes? massive office buildings?
  • Who makes decisions for the businesses you support? What are their priorities and needs?
  • What socioeconomic factors characterise the region(s) you serve?
  • Request feedback from satisfied clients.

As we previously covered, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best strategies to attract new, devoted clients. And the next greatest thing after word-of-mouth marketing is real customer reviews.

Ask the client if they are pleased with your work after each service. Ask them if they would be prepared to submit a review of your company if they respond positively. On your website, Facebook, Yelp, Google, and other channels, you can collect client testimonials.

  • Don’t be scared by networking and cold outreach.

Although it took courage, making cold calls and sending out emails may help you get clients for your security firm.

Here are some ideas for cold outreach:

On LinkedIn, look for prospects. Find the individuals who are “decision makers” in your sector and conduct a LinkedIn search for them. Invite them to join your LinkedIn network by sending them a message.

Attend trade shows. Look for trade shows and conferences. While there, hand out your business card to everyone you encounter and ask them for theirs in return. Contact those people via phone or email after the event.

When making cold contacts, make an offer. There are several ways you may add value. To pique the lead’s curiosity, you may first present a discount or some other kind of incentive. You may also provide free content, such as a white paper on the efficiency of various security solutions or a free buyer’s guide to security systems.

  • Build trust with partners to get referrals and repeat business

Spend the time and energy necessary to build a relationship with a fantastic client. They might have additional business available for you. They might also be aware of someone else who needs your security services.

Your prospects of recurring business and referrals are increased by a solid relationship.

  • Offer the appropriate goods and services.

You must understand both your target audience’s  as well as their needs and wants. Therefore, personalize your services to match the wants of your specific market.

Refine your services to best suit their demands, for instance, if you find that multifamily properties are the ones you sell to and serve the most. Be sure to provide such kinds of products, as multifamily properties frequently require visitor management and access control security solutions.

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