How to Use LinkedIn for Business-to-Business Marketing?

Are your looking for the best digital marketing agency in clovis? Any business professional may use LinkedIn as a networking tool. Connecting with existing employers and colleagues, discussing significant professional successes, and looking for new employment prospects are all things that LinkedIn users do. If you’re utilizing LinkedIn in this manner, you could be losing out on one of the platform’s most profitable and productive features:

There’s a whole universe of unexplored B2B marketing potential

LinkedIn accounts for almost one-fifth of all B2B digital advertising investments in the United States, according to eMarketer.

1 LinkedIn is a treasure trove of marketing tactics that can reshape and revitalize your B2B business strategy, whether you’re trying to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or increase conversion rates.

The Fundamentals of B2B Marketing

Let’s take a step back and review the foundations of B2B marketing before going into the most acceptable B2B marketing strategy and practices for companies on LinkedIn. Unlike traditional advertising, this method emphasizes promoting products and services from one company to another—you’re talking to your colleagues, business partners, and network.

That’s one of the reasons LinkedIn is so powerful: you’re already linked to your target audience.

You may then interact with these prospective customers in several ways before trying to offer them your service (though we’ll get there soon). B2B marketing aims to build long-term connections with clients, target specialized groups, and meet the objectives of buyers who want efficiency and a good return on investment (ROI).

What’s the best way to combine this information with LinkedIn’s tools? Let’s look at some of our digital marketing agency’s most successful ideas, methods, and strategies.

Best Practices for B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

The first step in creating a marketing strategy that impacts and generates a profit for your company is to identify your marketing objectives precisely. Determine your priorities first. Are you concentrating on:

Are you increasing brand recognition?
How do you generate high-quality leads?
Are you increasing conversions?
Whatever your B2B marketing objectives are, LinkedIn can help you get your business profile to where you want it to be.

Make a solid personal brand

LinkedIn doesn’t have the same level of customization as a personal website, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your brand into every aspect of your profile. After all, it’s your first impression if you’re utilizing it to engage with potential customers and partners.

To make sure it’s a good one, follow these steps:

Spend time on design — Don’t underestimate the importance of solid branding. Use consistent profile and header photos to capture your audience’s attention and establish brand awareness across all platforms.
Make a captivating pitch: Users aren’t likely to stay on your profile for long, so grab their attention with a catchy title. This section should adequately explain to your target audience what you do and how you intend to efficiently serve their company’s requirements, in addition to attracting their attention.
Incorporate keywords that have been well studied: If you want to get found, including keywords in your business profile is a great approach to connect with experts who could be interested in your product or service. Remember that having fewer, more focused keywords is preferable to having many broad phrases in your profile.

Distribute Interesting Content

As a B2B content marketing best practice, use your LinkedIn profile to generate high-quality leads. Use this LinkedIn method to distribute frequent, value-driven material, whether you’ve written an in-depth blog article on the benefits of your product or want to highlight a new feature that’s been introduced to your service.

Here are some additional shareable content ideas to help you stand out on LinkedIn:

Demonstrations on video
Posts on the blog
Episodes of the podcast may be found here.
Webinars are held regularly.
You increase traffic and reach, be sure to publish often and actively connect with other people’s postings.

Testimonials may help you build trust

Building trust with other companies is a big part of B2B marketing. This will help you improve the quality of your lead generation and create long-term partnerships.

You may boost your company’s reputability by providing testimonials on your LinkedIn page, in addition to maintaining constant levels of communication, generating excellent B2B content, and stressing the dependability of your goods and services. When former or present customers scream your praises, they become great brand advocates.

The most effective testimonials will include the following:

Include explicit facts about your efforts and the sound effect it has had.
Demonstrate the worth of your product or service.
Emphasize your firm’s areas of competence.
Show why other companies would want to collaborate with you.
Don’t know where to start when it comes to obtaining testimonials? This approach might be intimidating and embarrassing for any B2B marketer just starting. According to Forbes, requesting and receiving practical recommendations on LinkedIn is a straightforward four-step process: 2

Prioritize influential individuals:

There are no such things as too many favourable reviews, but it’s still crucial to focus your efforts where they’ll have the most significant impact. Identify LinkedIn well-known LinkedIn users in your field who have significant titles at well-known organizations and speak directly to your worth.
Reach out through email – How many LinkedIn alerts do you think are missing daily? Send a brief, professional email to the individual whose testimony you need rather than contributing to the expanding pile. You may carefully suggest what you’d want them to include in that email and even offer to prepare a draft for them.

Send a LinkedIn request – Send a recommendation request via LinkedIn after you’ve received approval:

Click “Ask for a recommendation” towards the bottom of your profile.
Choose the role in which you collaborated with this individual.
Choose the user to whom you’ve delegated the task of writing the suggestion.
Make your message unique, including the draft you wrote for them.
Follow up with a thank-you note: At the absolute least, an email expressing sincere gratitude is required. Going above and above with a letter or even a modest gift to convey your gratitude, according to Forbes, is a good idea.

Advanced Search can help you find the right people.

B2B marketing focuses on business-to-business partnerships, as the name implies. As a result, it’s easy to overlook the human aspect of marketing strategy. But a company is simply a group of individuals who judge who they want to work with and in what capacity.

Instead of focusing on business accounts, focus on the decision-makers and leaders behind these prospective B2 B leads. Go to the LinkedIn page of a target company and look under the “People” tab. Next, you may contact high-ranking executives in the departments that might benefit the most from your product or service.

To find the proper persons, you may also utilize the Advanced Search tool with these filters:

Type of connection (first level, second level, third level)
Members of the group Location Industry Seniority Level
the scale of the business
You may boost the chances of finding well-intentioned leads by refining your search to meet your company’s customer profile.

Ads on LinkedIn

Organic development can only take you so far in most cases. Direct communication combined with LinkedIn ad campaigns may elevate your B2B marketing strategy.

The LinkedIn Ads feature, integrated into the platform, is a great way to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and boost conversions. By allowing for hyper-personalization and relevant list-building, they make it simple to get your content in front of the correct individuals inside your B2B target audience.

Use the LinkedIn Ads filters to personalize your campaign and narrow down your target market:

Seniority in the workplace
Age of the members of the company
Job responsibilities
Industries in which businesses operate

You may restrict the scope of your LinkedIn Ads campaign by selecting one of the following ad objectives:

Brand recognition
Visits to the website
Views of the video
Generations of leaders
Conversions on the internet
People looking for work

Finally, LinkedIn Ads makes it simple to customize your ad layout based on the sort of campaign you’re running:

Ad with a single picture
Image ad on a carousel
Advertisement in video
Advertisement in text format
An ad that changes over time

Messages from sponsors

Specific ad formats are more suited to certain campaign kinds than others. You’ll get the most outstanding results with a single picture, carousel image, or video ad for a campaign goal focusing on brand recognition. However, if the aim is to produce more leads, dynamic adverts or sponsored messages may be a better fit.

Businesses are urged to try out different ad format combinations, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and adjust their formatting depending on the results.


You may be aware that email marketing is a critical component of most marketing strategies, but you may not be aware of LinkedIn’s sponsored messaging product, InMail. The InMail response rate is three times greater than a standard email, according to a post on LinkedIn’s Talent Blog. 3 Connect your company with people directly with customized messages only sent to active recipients, resulting in high open rates.

Companies that use this LinkedIn feature as part of their B2B marketing strategy should experiment with subject lines, images, CTA buttons, and InMail length to see what works best for them.

The following are some of the advantages of InMail for B2B companies:

Open rates are high.
Targeting with precision
Messages in bulk
Exceptional visibility
Direct communication
Find your audience and spread the news through InMail, whether you’re releasing a new product or offering a discount.

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies Efficiencies: Automation Tools

Time spent on smaller, more strenuous activities should be minimized, while time spent inventing new methods and improving existing ones should be maximized.

If automation software is within your budget, you may use it to supplement your B2B marketing strategy on LinkedIn successfully. These tools are not just tailored to LinkedIn, but they also save a ton of time when it comes to posting content, reviewing performance, and interacting with new prospects.

For 2021, here are a couple of the best LinkedIn automation tools:

Expand Crystal with Linked Helper
Attach \sLeonard \sZopto
Compare automation tools and features to determine which one is best for your company’s goals.

Join Forces with Strength B2B Marketing Success with Digital Marketing

LinkedIn isn’t simply a professional version of Facebook. It’s a key component of marketing success. Because of its precise targeting and varied variety of channels to interact with new prospects and keep them interested, it’s highly successful in B2B marketing strategies.

One method to transform your sales goals into financial returns is to use LinkedIn B2B marketing tools. Consider adding Power Digital Marketing to your team if you want to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy for your company that includes various tools and methods. We specialize in identifying and closing gaps in your existing B2B marketing strategy so you may reach your maximum potential.

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