Most Happening 5 Places for an Adventurous tour in Bangalore

Bangalore is adored by many for the chances it provides with its beautiful green spaces, calm lakes, and pleasant, warm weather. To put it another way, many of us yearn for some excitement in our lives, at least on weekends, to explore the adventure tours in Bangalore.

Bangalore certainly does not disappoint the excited travellers in this regard. In and around Bangalore, there are various types of entertainment to be found. Take a peek at some of the adrenaline-pumping adventure spots in and around the Bangalore area.

Adventure Trips From Bangalore

1. Trekking in Savandurga

● Best Activities: Trekking and Camping
● Distance From Bangalore: 50 km

Savandurga may not be as picturesque as the Nandi Hills, but it is home to Asia’s most enormous monolithic rock. The height of the hill is 1,226 metres making it the best location for hiking. Amateur hikers will be relieved to learn that hiking in Savandurga is not strenuous, while experienced hikers will quickly zip along the track. There are a couple of weekend outdoor camps in Savandurga if you are interested in adventure sports.

2. Rides at Mekedatu

● Best Activities: Coracle rides
● Distance From Bangalore: 90 kms

Mekedatu is a renowned picnic location near Bangalore that even offers adventurous activities. The river at Mekedatu is ideal for a few watersports, while the hills are ideal for trekking and other mountain activities. Few amazing homestays and inns along with comfortable facilities in Mekedatu are ideal to stay overnight.

3: Trekking in Kunti Betta

● Best Activities: Night Trek
● Distance From Bangalore: 126 kms

Kunti Betta, located in Pandavapura, is a fantastic hiking destination for both beginner and professional hikers. Along with the breathtaking sight, the sheer adrenaline of ascending the hill at night is unforgettable. At Kunti Betta, hiking isn’t the only outdoor activity available. Water sports are available near the lake.

4: Bike ride to Thattekere

● Best Activities: Panoramic views, Trekking and Temple
● Distance From Bangalore: 58 kms

Cycling enthusiasts gather at a central location in Bangalore to cycle to sites such as the gleaming Thattekere lake. It is a polished, plate-like lake ideal for group activities. Exercise your muscles and inhale fresh air while admiring the breathtaking scenery and unspoiled beauty of nature all around you. If you’re interested, go to the Mahadeshwara temple at Thattekere. You might also arrange a more strenuous path to other spots, such as the Ghati Ghat if you’re so inclined. Remember to keep your head protected by wearing a helmet as the trail is undulating.

5: Wildlife in Bandipur National Park

● Best Activities: Birdwatching, Photographs, Scenic views and Walks
● Distance From Bangalore: 225 kms

If seeing animals in their natural habitat rather than in cages appeals to you, then pay a visit to the Bandipur National Forest and take in the picturesque splendour of the area. The park is home to bison, elephants, and deer, as well as a tiger reserve. During the day, take the safari bus to see the big cats or drive through the park to observe the elephants. When you follow a lone tusker, remain a safe distance and be ready to go away fast. Keep a lookout for the diverse avian life that thrives in this area.

To sum up, these are fantastic adventure tours in Bangalore that you must explore. The city is well surrounded by unique activities that are ideal for covering up your weekends. Make sure you choose and travel to your heart content.

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