PM Modi Holds High-Level Meeting to Review Covid-19 Preparedness Amid Rising Cases

At the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the Covid-19 preparedness of the country and directed that Covid-19 management must be further strengthened. He was also briefed on other important aspects such as availability and prices of key Covid drugs, monitoring of Covid hospitals, etc.

The MoHFW Secretary informed PM Modi that India has been successful in controlling Covid-19 with immediate measures such as rapid testing, contact tracing and isolation. Further, he stated that a total of 20 main Covid Drugs, 12 other drugs, 8 buffer drugs and 1 influenza drug are being monitored to ensure adequate availability. Moreover, he highlighted the importance of strengthening healthcare infrastructure for better Covid management which includes setting up more Covid Hospitals, Covid Care Centres and Covid Testing Labs.

The Prime Minister further emphasized the need to keep a close eye on the Influenza Situational Update, an important part of Covid-19 management. He asked officials to take all necessary steps to ensure effective Covid-19 preparedness in the country with continuous monitoring and review of the situation. Finally, he concluded by asking everyone to follow Covid safety protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands regularly and maintaining social distancing.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s meeting was a crucial step towards strengthening India’s Covid-19 preparedness as it highlighted key measures such as monitoring Covid Drug availability, setting up Covid Hospitals and tracking Influenza Situational Update. The meeting also gave a clear message that Covid-19 should be taken seriously and all the necessary steps must be taken to ensure Covid safety.

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a huge challenge to India and the country needs to ensure effective Covid-19 preparedness by implementing PM Modi’s directives. It is time for all citizens to come together and take Covid-19 seriously in order to protect themselves and others from this deadly virus. The Covid-19 battle is far from over, however, with collective efforts, we can make sure that India defeats Covid-19 soon.

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