Samudrayaan: Matsya 6000 and Indian Ocean Blue Economy

After Chandrayaan 3 and Mission Aditya, India will dive into the ocean. India to dive into deep sea for the first time After touching the moon, now it’s time to dive into the ocean, the details about Samudrayan Matsya 6000.

The main vision of Samudrayaan: Matsya 6000

This time India is on a mission to explore every part of the earth including not just spaceships but also the depths of the earth. A submarine has been developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai, which will explore the Indian Ocean. The mission is named Samudraysan and it will soon beat the ocean waves and explore the ocean. The mission is also called Samudrayan Matsya 6000 because it is believed that since the Indian Ocean is 6000 meters i.e. 6 km deep, the mission is called Samudrayan: Matsya 6000.

India plans to send three men to study the 6,000 km deep ocean resources and biodiversity assessment. Super Advance Samudrayaan will for the first time send three crew members to the deep sea in the Matsya 6000 submarine. To facilitate deep sea exploration, submarines must have several instruments which are ACS, AUV, and DSM. [ ACS – Autonomous coring system, AUV – Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, DSM – Deep Sea Mining System] Scientists will also search for manganese, cobalt, and nickel throughout the mission.

Budget of Samudrayaan: Matsya 6000

According to sources, it is estimated that the cost of this deep ocean mission may exceed 4000 crores but the budget has been fixed at 50 crores.

Launch Date of Samudrayaan: Matsya 6000

The timeline of the project spans five years i.e. from 2021 to 2026. Union Minister Rijiju said the project will not disrupt the marine ecosystem. Along with this, he also said that sustainable use of marine resources to improve livelihoods and jobs for the country’s economic growth is underway which will protect the health of marine ecosystems.

The Deep Ocean Mission was launched in early 2021 with Cabinet approval, a project under the Sea Vehicle Deep Ocean Mission.

This 6 thousand meter deep Indian Ocean has been under development for almost two years and It will emerge in the Chennai basin of the Bay of Bengal in early 2024.

What is the Samudrayaan Mission?

Samudrayaan is India’s first manned sea mission to better understand and explore marine ecosystems.

Vision – The main mission of this plan is deep sea exploration and extraction of rare minerals.

Ministry – The entire project will be run by the Ministry of Earth Science.

Mission duration– The Samudrayaan Matsya 6,000 scheme will run for 5 years and its plan was launched in 2021.

Significance – The submarine will help conduct exploration of valuable resources under the seabed.

  • gas hydrates
  • Polymetallic Manganese nodules
  • Hydrothermal Sulfides
  • Cobalt crusts

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