Summit has a wide range of climbing stand alternatives, which may make picking the right one a challenge. Below, we’ll go through the features of each stand so you can choose the best Summit for your hunting requirements.
The goal is to get as near as possible, and a Summit climbing stand is the ideal way to accomplish it. However, if you’re using archery equipment, you’ll want a stand with less impediment and a clean shot.
Summit’s open-front stands come in handy in this situation. The OpenShot SD is everything a bowhunter might want. Its lightweight and small design, weighing just 15 pounds, lets you go far from the car and highways to hunt where the deer are and where other hunters aren’t. The fold-up foam-based-padded seat enables you to stand close against the tree since there are no front rails or arm rests to get in the way. You may also shoot while sitting with the seat down. The Sentry SD, like the OpenShot SD, has an open-front design with a somewhat bigger contoured mesh fold-up seat.
Check out the Explorer SD and Cobra SD versions if you want a little more comfort but still like the open-front style. The Explorer weights 21 pounds, while the Cobra model weighs 18 pounds. While the Explorer is 3 pounds heavier than the Cobra, it also has a fold-flat construction with a spring-loaded fast-lock pin that allows for rapid, simple, and silent takedown. Both stands include foam-padded suspended chairs with backrests.
The Razor SD combines the best of both worlds, with a front rail that folds down for open front bowhunting and a front rail for sit-down-stand-up climbing. It also has the same suspended foam-padded seat as the Viper SD, allowing you to sit comfortably for the whole day.
There are several alternatives for people who desire a front rail for a firm shooting rest or for sit-down-stand-up climbing. A closed-front option is available on both the Sentry SD and the Explorer SD versions described above.
The Viper Steel is made of steel for strength and cost savings, yet it has all of the features of the Viper SD for less than $200.
The Viper SD, Titan SD, Goliath SD, Mini Viper SD, and 180 Max SD can all carry 300 pounds or more, yet because to their aluminium structure, they are all lightweight.
Don’t forget that Summit’s Adjustable Gun Rest may be added to any of these stands. A large-size rest is also available for the Goliath, Titan, and 180 Max. Any rifle or crossbow hunter should have these rests.
Price, weight, optimum comfort, rifle or bowhunting—which is more essential to you? Whatever the case may be, Summit has you covered.
Summit stands are designed for durability, simplicity of use, quiet operation, and reliability. Consider if you have the upper-body power to climb using an open-face climber or whether a closed-face climber is a better alternative since you can sit-and-stand climb using the front rail. There are many stands for hunters with tiny, medium, and giant frames. When it comes to Summit climbing stands, you can’t go wrong.


Your hunting season is over, and you’re starting to think about spring. Turkey hunting and bass fishing may soon snuff out your enthusiasm for whitetail deer, leaving you with nothing to look forward to until archery season next autumn. Just be sure you don’t wind up sacrificing a safe hunt next year because you didn’t want to take the time to take your stands down for maintenance. The ideal time to do a regular inspection is right after your hunting season, before storing your stands in a dry spot. This is particularly true in locations where the weather is more harsh. Here are some tips to help you with your tree stand upkeep towards the end of the season.

Step 1: Take It Down – As soon as the season is done, take down your stand. Leaving it out in the elements, such as in the back of a vehicle, exposes it to dampness and other substances that might cause harm.

Step 2: Observe & Assess – Carefully inspect every element of your treestand before and after each usage to discover and identify any issues.

Step 3: Keep It Tight — After a lengthy season, go over and re-tighten any nuts and bolts that may have gotten loose. You won’t have to remember to tighten bolts before hanging tree stands in July if you finish this step when you take your treestand down.

Step 4: Inspect Connection Points — double-check that all cables and straps are in functioning order. Any items that are in issue should be replaced right away. Summit Treestand Accessories are available in a variety of styles and colours, as well as replacement components.

Step 5: Inspect Pins, Ratchets, and S-Hooks — Look for indications of corrosion, stress, and wear on all tree stand pins, ratchets, and hooks. Make that all straps used for hang-on stands and Bucksteps are in good working order.

Step 6: Maintain Seats — Examine cushioned seats for rips, tears, and holes. Before storing the seats in tight plastic bags, make sure they are totally dry.

Step 7: Clean & Store – remove all dirt and debris before storing tree stands in a scent-free, temperature-controlled area. Rust and mildew issues might arise as a result of changing temperatures. Large rubber storage containers and heavy plastic bags are ideal options. Spray down your storage area with odor-eliminating chemicals like D/Code from Code Blue.

All tags on load bearing straps should be checked for expiry dates. All Mounting Straps have a maximum life of two years, after which they must be discarded. If in doubt, toss it away! Any straps with missing tags should be discarded (cut them up and throw them out). Any frayed or loose stitching is the same. Also, during the off-season, be sure to take care of any warranty concerns.

All safety harnesses should be handled with the same caution. Harnesses have a maximum life of 5 years before being damaged and discarded. When removing treestands from the tree, make sure you’re wearing your Summit Pro or Sport Harness.

Before putting your stands back out in the summer, remember to complete a periodic maintenance check. Season after season, these easy measures will keep you and your tree stand safe, silent, and functioning wonderfully.

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