Smart & Safe ways to Transfer landline number to VoIP

In the smartphone era, switching to technology for enjoying upgraded service is a new trend. Breakthrough the communication tool is expanding and revolutionizing the multiple business ways to manage regularly. VoIP has a lot to offer which is making the customers switch to this communication feature. All the benefits of accepting phone calls, conducting video conferences and live chats are all done efficiently using the Mobile VoIP. Keeping your old number, you can now enjoy effortless service with VoIP.

Port landlines to the Smarter VoIP

All businesses today are upgraded to VoIP from the basic landlines, like changing a service provider. Often the entrepreneurs simply forget on the part of porting their numbers. It is the last moment that they try to do it. Getting this VoIP done on your old number is of many benefits. You do not have to run through any process of informing or upgrading anyone. VoIP will make the process smoother by porting your landline to VoIP in a simple process.

Contributors in the Porting process 

There are numerous participants in the porting any number. None of the single entities has control over the entire process. Porting your landline number to the useful VoIP needs certain contributors in the process which include;

  • Consumer: A person owning the respective phone number is called the consumer.
  • Losing carrier: An entity that controls your respective phone number is called the losing carrier.
  • Winning Carrier: The VoIP Company you’re switching to is a winning carrier.
  • NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center): It is the largest number portability registry in the world.
  • Local regulatory authority

Requirements for porting your number to VoIP

In different nations, the porting process is variable. Certain basic things are required in all the countries to port your number. It is mentioned below;

  • Completed the Number of Porting form

There is a service form that needs to be filled before you start with the porting procedure. The form is available on the website. You can ask the vendor to send it to you directly to fill it on time. It is crucial to submit the accurate details.

  • A letter from the existing authority

The new service providers need an authorization letter to get in touch with your existing service provider for the portability related matter. The new vendor will take care of it further once they receive the letter from the agency.

  • Ownership Proof

In some cases, you need to provide ownership proof of using the landline number. A bill or an invoice listing on the existing phone number that you are planning to port is sufficient for the process.

The process of porting the number 

The porting of landline numbers to VoIP is a quick and convenient process. If it is one single number, then the porting process takes less than a day, whereas adding multiple numbers for the port will take some time. Complicated ports with rejected requests may take more than seven business days.

The cost incurred:

There is no conclusivereply to this part of question. There are providers offer the process of porting for free. There are many charges that are incurred by some of the providers. It completely depends on the type of portability and the number of it. Note: Make sure that you check with the service provider about the cost before starting the procedure. 

Prevent rejections: 

Porting from landline to VoIP will not happen automatically. The vendor may reject the porting request by mistake or any other error. Often the business name is misprinted, billing of the telephone is not the same as the one you are planning to port, or sometimes due to multiple requests, the porting is delayed, and even account freezes. You need to be specific while submitting the details to avoid rejection.

Some types of VoIP porting option 

1: Simple Porting

Like for example, a single phone number having no several lines is called a simple port. However, most of the carrier is complex. Thus it takes more than one business day.

2: Standard Porting

In such a case, the number is more than one by less than 100 phone numbers. In this case, you much have the same address, billing of telephone number and losing carrier. It takes seven days to complete.

3: Complex Porting

It involves multiple billing telephone numbers, addresses and multiple losing carriers. The FCD in ISA does not regularize with these sorts of complex ports. It takes more than 20 days.

4: Toll-Free Porting

Any Toll-free number can be ported to VoIP. The procedure takes time but depends on the carrier in this regard.

Advantages of porting landlines to VoIP

Porting to VoIP is of multiple benefits. It helps determine the business trends and drives the telephone system to sync with the business. There are top benefits that you cannot skip using planning to transfer landline numbers to VoIP. It includes;

  • It is one of the smartest compatible ways to stay connected and communicate internally and externally.  
  • It helps in the one-to-one easy navigating process.
  • It is away from the concept of desk flexibility. VoIP offers call forwarding to any of the other devices that you may use for work purposes.
  • Employees in the corporate, working remotely or traveling here and there, get a long-distance free call fee using this service.
  • It is extremely productive and helps in workflow efficiency.
  • You can enjoy the benefit of streamlining the handful of work that communicates the necessities at the workplace.
  • It is extremely useful in reducing the cost at the business needs and considered to be much cheaper than the other traditional phone lines.
  • VoIP is looked at as a futuristic telecom industry with bight and positive signals.

To conclude, the plan to transfer the landline number to VoIP is a great idea. If your business is thinking of using this useful futuristic VoIP, make sure you get it from the top providers in the market. If you are drawn to this new telecom trend, then explore VoIP more and get your business to the next level of communicating smoothly. Hope, why should you port your number to VoIP is not an issue anymore? Explore the services today!

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