Social Distancing and Its Importance

The need to maintain a social distance is unfamiliar to most people. One feels awkward to maintain this distance but perhaps in this era of Covid 19 pandemic, there is not much option. The precise definition of social distancing states that it is about keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people who are not in your household. Let us now look at the reason for this to be a practice this current year. In fact authorities worldwide and strictly enforcing social distancing norms and let us discuss more. 

What precisely does it achieve? 

There are certain viruses, which spread due to human to human contact. This current pandemic Covid 19 falls in this category. The concept of social distance puts space between two individuals. Let us take a scenario that a certain individual has been infected by the virus. If there is no one around the individual, there is just no scope of the virus to spread. Hence, the concept is about staying away from people infected from the virus and this is the way to prevent the spread. It can be a scary scenario if people in large numbers are infected by this deadly virus. A large number of patients end up in the hospital at one time and this could always lead to a breakdown in the health care system. It is by maintaining a social distance you can avoid these scenarios. 

How to implement social distancing in practice? 

The medical fraternity has laid down some social distancing guidelines and it is important that you follow them. It is just simple that one must avoid large social gatherings. It could be about avoiding visits to sports stadiums, bars and even the party gatherings. In fact there is even advice on the need to work from home as much possible. It is unless there is an absolute necessity you must not step out of the home. 

Some important tips to maintain social distance: 

It is easy to say that one must not step out of the home, but it is difficult to put it into practice. There will be necessary moments when you have no other option but to venture out. One could still venture out in a safe manner but provided you follow certain guidelines. Let me offer an update. 

  1. It is first important to have updates on the guidelines laid down by the local health authorities in the area of travel.
  2. It is best to search for alternative transportation arrangements for your travel. It is too risky to rely upon public transport. If you have to commute frequently, it is better to arrange for a two wheeler.
  3. It is extremely important to limit the contact as you step out of home. One must only engage in essential activity and nothing more. 
  4. There is always a need to maintain distance even if you are in an active state. 

This is a brief insight on the concept of social distance and how you can maintain it, even in an active state. You need to stay safe from this pandemic and live a healthy life.

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