Stackable Pave Diamond Ring: A Quick Guide

An assortment of stackable pave diamond ring is one of the season’s most sought-after trends. Of course, each person can choose to build their stack using a wedding ring set or fashion rings. But for those who adore this gorgeous, layered style jewelry, the combinations are virtually limitless.

However, some designs are more stable than others. Particularly when combining fine jewelry stackable rings with a wedding band or other fine jewelry, certain combinations are more ideal for a particular situation than any other. If you want to learn the styles and stacking ways for stackable pave diamond ring, then this guide is for you.

What does stacking ring mean?

Wearing two or three rings on one finger at once is known as stacking. Most people already think about doing this when purchasing an engagement ring; they frequently choose a style that will match their wedding band perfectly. However, one of the newest fashion is to add a third ring—typically an anniversary gift or a present for new parents like the fine jewelry stackable rings and stackable pave diamond rings.

Nowadays, many people choose to stackable rings for reasons other than marriage. Multiple gold bands and rows of diamonds combine to give a significant overall appearance that is unquestionably attractive.

Types of stackable ring

Stackable pave diamond engagement rings

There are various rings with varied edges and curves, which must be considered. For example, the dome-like shape of a Curator wedding band and engagement ring doesn’t necessarily match other styles, but it’s ideal when worn together.

Always consider the setting and the diamond when choosing an engagement ring. When purchasing a diamond, consider how the form will compliment your stack. For example, a Round Brilliant, Cushion, or Asscher probably won’t interfere with a wedding ring. However, the points of the diamond could not line up precisely with some types when the shape is elongated, particularly when it’s a Marquise or Pear.

Stackable pave diamond wedding rings

Some people prefer to stack wedding bands together for a more substantial look instead of stacking a wedding ring and engagement ring. There are many options, whether adding more rings for significant anniversaries or just selecting a style to finish a current set.

The breadth and outer margins of the band are the most crucial factors to consider when stacking wedding bands. For example, solid gold or platinum edge on a flat or round band, or even a ring with diamond accents like the Mixed Shapes or Devotion band, should simply line up with another ring.

Stackable pave diamond fashion ring

The best rule for making a stack of rings for everyday use is to experiment. Start by deciding on a metal hue or color scheme that you would like to wear. Then decide on two to three stackable rings with different bandwidths.

Don’t forget to consider the diamonds and the band’s design. It will be simpler to match up some edges, widths, and diamond shapes than others.

For any stack, bypass or mixed cuff rings work best. The open ends frequently align with bands or fit snugly around solitaire diamond rings, particularly with mixed cuff rings.

How to stack them?

The first stacking style is basic. You can buy various colored stacking rings and then mix and match them with each other, or get atleast two color rings and mix them as you see fit. The ratio at which you mix them can vary depending on your choice.

If you are new and want a simple and decent style, then go with simple ring stacking in which you can stack various rings. It is not necessary to put different colored rings, as the primary focus is to keep it simple. You can get stackable pave diamond rings from online jewelry stores or jewelry stores near your home.

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