Tools and Technologies for Smooth Transition to Remote Working

We are in the midst of a pandemic and governments across the world are asking people to stay at home. However, in spite of it work has to go on and the trend these days is remote work. In fact we are into six months of Covid 19 and IT professionals have been working successfully in a remote state. This form of work has met with success and today we have plenty of companies transforming into remote work permanently. It is simple that remote working locations allow a company to cut down on real estate investments and overhead costs. 

It also sounds nice for the workforce because they can cut down on expenses related to travel right up to the work location. However, there is always the need to have in place tools for remote teams. The challenge precisely is to make team communication effective even if all members are working remotely. Let us now discuss some of the key tools, which one may require in this scenario. 


If you are searching for the best remote work stack, this is certainly an effective tool. This is the best tool to have 1.1 conversations with co-workers and there is scope to pin important messages. There is also the scope to collaborate with the team. It also allows sending of important files and there is scope of immediate notification. The variety of slack bolts is also a big positive as it offers scope to download automate tasks and simplify the work flow. This is certainly a morale booster for employees working in a remote location. 

Google drive/drop box: 

Our remote work tech stack list will just be incomplete without these objects. It is during work one will find that many attachments are too big to send via the email. In fact the email is often not the best place to organize the files. The Google drive or drop box allows sending of files better and one can collaborate on various projects. The experts insist on the drop box to send files remotely and Google drive for real time collaboration. 


You are working from a remote location and there is hardly any face to face contact. You may need to communicate and hence the video call is always a better option than the normal phone call. As you are making a video call, there is scope to express the mood. Zoom presents the best option to be face to face even from remote locations. 

Rescue time: 

This is an innovative application, which helps to monitor activity right in front of the computer screen. Are you looking for a breakdown on the amount of time you spend on each task? This application is just perfect to cater to requirements. This is a brief guide on the tools, which is necessary for an organization to conduct work from home schedules. The work from home is perhaps one of the greatest discoveries of the corporate sectors amidst this pandemic gloom. If one can organize for such tools the experience should really be fine.

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