The United States of America, can easily be described as a favorite country for many travelers, businessmen and students. Being the go to hub for most IT grads, the US has been attracting tourists over the years as well under-grad students, the number of which has increased to 12% in 2017. However, whether or not you are hanging out near your hotel’s Taco Bell or posing for your new Instagram picture in middle of Palm Springs, you need to avail a flight to somewhere for some reason right?

We have enlisted a list of ways you can get the best flights in the US at an affordable price, of course with a sufficient amount of leg space on your horribly long flight!

  • Indian Eagle is currently one of the leading websites providing really cheap flights to India from all the major cities such as Dallas & New York to Mumbai, Delhi & etc. Log onto Indian Eagles to get the best deals for travelling if you are coming back to India from the US for an affordable deal!
  • Again, if you’re travelling to and fro India and the US, opting for Jet Airways is a wise option. You can choose either premier or economy, as per your luxury needs. 
  • One of the best ways to opt for the best flight would be to book the tickets seven weeks in advance as that allows you to look through the most affordable options for some premier companies like Etihad and Qatar. You can also check your desirable airport for your layover according to the flight you want, which at times are long and tedious! 
  • Signing up for email alerts to your favorite flight is a good way of knowing when there are probable discounts or offers.
  • Buying a one way ticket to your destination and back helps in saving money when you’re travelling within the US, or even if it’s about changing time zones. 
  • One the of the best ways to go with booking the best flight would be to choose the correct credit card. Often a lot of banks offer discounts, and  maybe using your mastercard would get you an offer than your visa card!
  • Trying the 24 hour rule when you have issues with your flight in the last moment. Helps with not burning your pocket!
  • Compare flight deals from website to website! Sticking to one website to book your flight won’t help in finding you any discounts. 
  • Keeping a track of business class bargains is a necessity is you want some luxury without your account losing everything!
  • Knowing when to book and what season to book is very important, if you want some appropriate deals around and the beyond the US!

With that, hoping you find the flight suiting your needs, Bon Voyage!

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