Top 5 Banks In India 2023

The best banks in India are an important pillar in improving the financial condition of the country. Banks provide various benefits to individuals, businesses and governments. Banking sectors establish new significant advancements every year.

We will discuss the top 5 banks in India 2023 in this article and explore their Provided benefits.

State Bank Of India

State Bank of India is the largest public bankings sector. Of all the banks in India, SBI has the highest number of transactions. SBI offers unique benefits to its customers. It has a wide network of ATMs with branches in various districts across the country to cater to a large customer base. SBI is known for financial products including retail banking, corporate banking, lending services.

Branch – 22,405

NIM – 2.70%

NPA – 3%

BENEFITS – Provides both domestic and international services.


HDFC is known for strong financial performance despite being a private bank. HDFC Bank offers a variety of financial services to its customers. HDFC Bank provides convenient digital banking solution customer experience. This bank offers comprehensive banking facilities to retail, corporate and institutional customers. There are many branches across the country and also have ATM facilities.

Branch – 7,821

NIM – 3.67%

NPA – 1%

BENEFITS – Provide domestic and International Services.


ICICI Bank is the best and largest banking sector among all the private banking sectors across India. It is a bank in India offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services. It has a wide presence not only in India but also abroad. ICICI Bank serves millions of customers. ICICI is known for its technologically advanced banking solutions.

NIM – 3.60%

NPA – 3%

BENEFITS – Provide domestic and International both services.

Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is one of the oldest public sector banks in India. This government bank provides top banking services. Punjab National Bank is the only Indian government bank to offer international banking services. There are more than 10 thousand branches across the country.

BRANCH – 10,076

NIM – 2.34%

NPA – 9%

BENEFITS – Provide Domestic and International both services.

Bank Of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is one of India’s oldest public sector banks known for its extensive branch network and global presence. It is not only limited to retail banking and corporate banking but also provides financial products and services to its customers. Bank of Baroda is recognized for its digital initiatives along with technological advancements.

BRANCH – 8,200

NIM – 2.89%

NPA – 3.79%

BENEFITS – Provide domestic and International Banking Services.

Conclusion –

The above discussion is the best 5 banks of 2023. These five banks both public and private, have proved their mettle as pillars of the country’s financial system. There are several banks that offer international facilities apart from nationwide.

These banks provide you with various services to help you finance your business. These banks are able to meet your requirements with their commitment. Above five banks have made technological advancements. It is expected that these banks will provide more financial benefits and technological advancements in the coming years.

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