Top 5 best water purifiers for your sweet home

Another name for water is life. So drinking clean water is your first duty. We will explain the importance of clean water to ensure the safety and purity of you and your family. We will explain the importance of clean water to ensure the safety and purity of you and your family.

Water is very important for health so water purifiers are essential to sterilize and filter water. Water purifiers provide you with clean water for your daily health.

But the problem is that there are so many types of water purifiers in the market to decide which one to choose for your home. We will solve your problem through this article. We will tell you the top five best water purifiers in detail.

Aquaguard Water Purifier

The best water purifier for water purification is the Aquaguard Water Purifier. AquaGuard water purifiers come with active copper and zinc filtration techniques that help purify water better. Also, Aquaguard’s water purifier’s RO + UV protection ensures that this product works perfectly with purified municipal water.

Features –

  • RO + UV Protection.
  • Home and office-friendly.
  • Easy monitoring.
  • Storage capacity – 6 liters.

Price – 9,499/- in India ( May be nearly)

Kent Water Purifier

Trusted by millions and sold by many Kent water purifiers provide pure water. Kent RO Water provides 100 percent water purification. RO + UV + UF Its multiple purification processes digital display of purity and minerals that improve water quality. Kent Innovations offers UV water purifiers that are easy to use and sterile without altering odor or taste.


  • RO + UV + UF Process.
  • 100% water purification.
  • LED protection in the storage tank.
  • Destroy viruses and bacteria.

Price – 18,490/- in India (may be nearly)

Eureka Forbes Water Purifier

Providing pure water, this water purifier is chosen as the best for office. This eureka forbes provides pure water like boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. Also has cold water storage, the Eureka Forbes water purifier has a capacity of three liters of cold water storage. There is an advanced clean process that destroys viruses and bacteria as well as various other disease-causing microbes.

Features –

  • 3-litre cold water storage.
  • Advance clean process.
  • Office friendly.
  • Zero water wastage.

Price – 11,999/- in India. (may be nearly)

Livpure GLO PRO ++ Water Purifier

When searching for the best water purifier in India, the name LivPure GLO PRO++ comes up first. This water purifier is not very expensive in India, you can fit this water purifier in your home for just 11 thousand rupees. This water purifier includes UV disinfection which purifies water by destroying viruses and bacteria. Ultrafiltration for pure and delicious water.

Features –

  • 7-stage advanced water purifier process.
  • Storage tank – 7 liter.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • LED Indicator.
  • UV disinfection.

Price – 11,000/- in India.( may be nearly)

HUL Puriet ECO Water Purifier

HUL is the best water purifier to purify your drinking water. Not just in one or two steps, but through seven consecutive steps, this water purifier purifies your drinking water.Yout a a  UV + RO connection in this water purifier providing 100% pure water.


  • Eco-friendly water purifier.
  • 7-stage water purification.
  • 10-liter high capacity.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.


14,999/- in India.( may be nearly)


Health is wealth so we have to maintain purity thinking about the health of ourselves and our family. We have a duty to keep ourselves healthy from an impure environment, so we can choose any of the above Oat purifiers for water purification.

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