The timeshare industry has been around for several decades. The idea of a timeshare is to provide less expensive vacations at a specific location; like Florida or Hawaii or even other areas of the country. You’ll purchase a share of a hotel; say in the Orlando area near Disney World. This purchase will cost an initiation fee and a monthly fee to maintain your status, approximately $500 per month. You’ll also have to deal with taxes for that property each year. Depending on the location and the property you could be paying $1,500 per year in taxes. Okay, let’s not forget their deductable. This equates to an annual out of pocket cost of approximately $7,500.

With timeshare you only get one vacation per year at this specific location. Vacationing in both Hawaii and Florida requires doubling the annual cost. The original concept of a buy timeshare online program is to save you money on your vacations. You’re restricted to one time period during the year and one visit. You still have to pay for airline and rental car fees. It doesn’t take long to realize that this system doesn’t work. Our last trip to Disney World for a week during spring break didn’t cost $7,500, including the theme park fees and this was conducted without the use of a travel club. I can only imagine what we would have saved with a travel club. It now makes sense why so many people are selling their timeshares and jumping to travel clubs.

Travel clubs is a new concept created by existing companies in the travel industry. Many of these companies were originally involved with the timeshare idea. After years of poor sales and declining revenue a shift within the market has created the travel club. People that like to travel across the world inexpensively are joining these travel clubs. Currently there are a couple of good travel club programs, which allow not only there members to enjoy the benefits but their family members as well. Under one membership program all family members can receive the same benefit. This means one enrollment fee for the entire family. The benefit savings that members receive affect every aspect of your vacation; airlines, hotel and resort, rental cars, cruises. Each of these areas you’ll receive discounts that can add up to thousands of dollars. Most members will recover the cost of the membership from the savings in the first vacation.

So, how does this travel club work?

The travel club purchases blocks of resort rooms, coordinates with the airlines and rental cars for time slots during the year. To maximize your saving you’ll have to travel during these particular time periods. However, if you would like to use the same resorts and airlines, etc. at different times during the year you will still save. It may not be as much as the slotted time period, but it’s not restrictive and still a considerable savings over booking everything yourself.

How often can I travel?

You can travel anywhere in the world, on any day, at any time as often as you like. Members of the travel club can utilize this program for business use, too. Since business personnel are frequently traveling, this program will save every time it’s used.

Can my company purchase this program?

Travel club programs are for individuals not corporations. However, the company can purchase the program for the employee to use. This expense would ultimately save the company travel costs over the course of the year. The travel program could be a bonus for the employee.

How do I enroll in a travel club?

To enroll in a travel club simply click on the website link below. The website will have a button for you to click again and than your into the main home page. Familiarize yourself with this web page and the various programs that you can join. Once you’ve joined, within a couple of weeks your membership will be processed and your ready t travel.

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