UEFA EURO CUP Final: Italy Vs England

The final of UEFA EURO cup 2020 will be held at Wembley and it brings face to face two of the major European football giants. This sporting event will be keenly watched by a large viewership from across the globe and we are here with the details in case you are not updated. 

About the match

The match will be played between Italy and England. The former country has to its credit one Euro title and that was way back in 1968. It will be looking to add to their solo title 53 years later. The English team on the other hand is looking to grab its first title. This is the third time the Italian team will be participating in a EURO cup final. In the other two contests, they had to be satisfied with the tag of runners-up. This is the first time England is participating in a EURO cup final. There is plenty at stake for both teams as they fight it out for the most coveted football trophy on European soil. There has been hard competitive football being played right through the tournament and one can gauge from the fact that both teams needed extra time to win the semi-finals. 

When and where is the match

We have mentioned earlier that the match will be hosted at the Wembley stadium. It is located in London and this stadium is owned by the governing body of English football.  The match will be held on July 11th at 7 PM GMT. 

Pedigree of Italy

The record of Italy in the EURO cup final is one win two loses. In 1968 they won the title by defeating Yugoslavia 2-0 in Rome.  However, in 2000, they lost 1-2 to France in Rotterdam. They lost it via a golden goal. They again qualified in a EURO cup final in the year 2012. This time the opponents were Spain and the location was Kyiv. There was some embarrassment in store as Italy lost 0-4 to Spain. Italy should be level with Spain and the Soviet Union after a few days. All these three teams will have had four final appearances.  It is only Germany with six final appearances, which has featured in more such matches. 

Pedigree of England

This is only the English team’s second major tournament final. It is a coincidence that the other one also came on home soil. In 1966 England had won the Fifa world cup defeating West Germany in a 4-2 extra-time win. Let us get the focus back on the EURO cup and they are the 13th country to participate in the EURO cup final. There have been in total 10 winners in the history of the EURO cup and if England wins it, they will be the second new team to do so. 

The probable winner of 2021 This one is tough to predict and the previous meetings of these two teams have been keenly contested. They have played 27 fixtures together and Italy has won 10. England has emerged winner on 8 of these occasions and the rest have been draws. England has scored more goals and the number stands at 33, which is two more than Italy’s. The team in better form on that particular day should emerge a winner.

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