Why is Split AC Price Higher than Window AC?

Split and Window AC are the two most popular types of air conditioners in India. Both make our life comfortable by providing efficient cooling. However, the Split AC price is always higher than a Window AC. Have you ever wondered why a Split AC is so expensive? In this article, we will try to find the answer by comparing the features of both air conditioners.

A Comparative Analysis of Window ACs and Split ACs

Embracing the quest to acquire the ideal AC for your comfort needs, you’ll find yourself navigating through a vast fleet of options, where diverse brands, sizes, types, and qualities vie for your attention. As you step into the cooling wonderland, the shopkeeper’s inquisitive smile awaits, ready to pose the quintessential question: “Are you seeking the simplicity of a window AC or the sophistication of a split AC?” Delving into the intricacies of these two cooling stalwarts becomes imperative to unravel the essence of their uniqueness and unveil the distinctions that set them apart. Allow us to embark on a captivating exploration into the realm of air conditioners, where the world of window ACs and split ACs converge and diverge, illuminating the path to your ultimate cooling sanctuary.

Split AC

As the name suggests, Split AC has two parts separated from each other. One of these parts is installed inside the room, either on the ceiling or attached to the wall, while the other part includes a compressor and is fixed outside the room. You don’t need to make a hole in the wall to install a Split AC, unlike a Window AC. In the case of Split AC, both units are connected through a duct.

The Split air conditioner is known for its elegant design, which adds a touch of beauty to the room’s decor. Such models are also considered less energy-consuming than a window AC, and other advanced features like inverter technology make it even more useful. For example, if you plan to buy the best AC 1.5 ton 5 ton, you will get more options in the Split type than Window because such 5-star models are usually unavailable in the Window type.

Window AC

It’s called a Window AC because it’s usually installed in a window. All components of air conditioners are included in one unit. It has many advantages, such as being easy to install and maintain, developing fewer faults and not needing regular cleaning and maintenance. It is most suitable for compact offices and rooms with a small area because it efficiently cools small and medium spaces, although its cooling is comparatively less than a split AC. One of its main advantages is that it is easy to install and shift from one place to another without affecting the performance of the AC. To make it durable, you must wash it and change the Freon gas occasionally.

Difference in Design

A split AC is known for its elegant design because, compared to the window AC, it uses colours and spaces in a specific way. On the other hand, the Window AC looks more like a big box and is often an eyesore.

Window AC needs more Space 

A window air conditioner needs more Space than a split AC because it is fixed in the Window, which blocks the sunlight during the daytime in most buildings. It also increases the security threat because of the opening of the walls close to the main Window. On the contrary, the Split AC indoor unit is installed on your room’s wall, while the outdoor unit is fixed outside the building.

The Cooling Power

The split AC provides more efficient cooling than the window AC. The cooling power of a normal Window AC ranges from 0.75 to 2.5 tons, while for a split model, it can reach from 0.80 tons to 3 tons. The split AC is the best choice for uniformly distributing air in a space.

Power efficiency

The power efficiency of an air conditioner is linked to its star rating. Hence, a better star rating model will be more energy efficient. Fortunately, there are more Split AC models available with higher star ratings. So if you are looking for a suitable model for your midsized living room, you should prefer the best AC 1.5 ton 5-star of Split type for maximum energy saving. If you are prepared to pay more, you can also choose s model with inverter technology, saving 40% of energy consumption.

AC Sound

The split AC is known for its low sound because the mechanical part of the AC is located in the external unit, which is fixed outside the room.

Why is Split AC Price higher than Window AC? 

Having read this article, you will understand why the price of a Split model is around 10-20% higher compared to Window ACs. If you have already decided to purchase an air conditioner for your midsized living room, you must purchase the best air conditioner 1.5 ton in Split type.

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