You have got visit these places in America if you are a pizza lover

It is without a doubt that pizza is one of the most delicious foods in the whole world. From teenagers or adults, we are guilty of having a greasy slice at a time of the day when we probably shouldn’t have. Although an originally Italian dish, the influence of Pizza has transcended all regional and cultural barriers. Every city of every country has given their own twist on the dish, sometimes re-writing the very DNA that makes the basics of a pizza.

Pizza has become a popular staple food in America. There are dozens of different styles of pizza available throughout the country. Some hark back to the original method for making pizza in Naples (the great Neapolitan style), yet most have a modern and Americanized twist to them. New York, Detroit, St. Louis, New Haven, and, obviously, Chicago all have their own trademark pizza styles, and different styles, including bar pie, grandmother, and Sicilian-style, are well known across the nation.

 Next time you’re hungry, you can try out these few places:


Chicago is famous for its signature deep dish pizza as well as other thin crust pizzas. Deep dish pizzas almost look like a pie, with their high edges and a succulent center. The pizza is stuffed with loads of deliciousness and cheese and tomato sauce. Pizzeria Uno in Chicago is often credited as the inventor of the signature deep dish pizza in 1943. To prevent unwanted burning, the toppings are arranged from bottom up, that is cheese is at the bottom and the tomato sauce at the top, with the rest of the meat and other condiments stuffed in the middle. This unique procedure gives the Chicago pizza its distinct look and taste.

Another characteristic feature of the Chicago pizza is that the pizza is cut into small pieces that are easy to eat as well as convenient if you are alone. Apart from that, tavern-style thin crust pizzas are also available, famous for the buttery and caramelized taste.

New York

You can every variety of pizza in the pizza capital of America. It is best known for its large hand-tossed pizzas that crisp yet soft and succulent. Generally served with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, topped with various kinds of cured meat, the slices literally melt in your mouth. The origin of New York pizza can be traced back to 1900s when it borrowed a page from the authentic Neapolitan pizzas from Italy. Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, salami and chili flakes are most common toppings when it comes to New York’s pizza.


Known for its eclectic mix of Italian thin crust pizza and authentic Californian toppings, this style of pizza was invented by Alice Waters and Ed LaDou simultaneously but separately. This pizza is also known as gourmet pizza because of the incorporation of unusual items found in five-star restaurants and dining places as pizza toppings like smoked salmon, truffle, and crème fraîche. This distinguished style of pizza is very famous in the American West coast. Topped with the most organic and fresh ingredients like avocado, goat cheese, artichokes, customers can get vegetarian, non-vegetarian as well as vegan options.


It should not come as a surprise to anyone that a city with a rich Italian heritage would have some of the best pizza places in the whole country. It is home to combo pizza museum and restaurant (Pizza Brain), an artisan pizza truck which was named as the best pizza place by Bon Appétit’s 2015 “Ultimate Pizza Guide”. From pizza Classique to slices with a modern twist, there is a pizza out there to satisfy every pizza lover’s taste-buds.

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