4 Quick Ways to Boost Sales on WhatsApp

Switch to WhatsApp business API to reduce customer wait times, repeat calls, and callbacks. WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over two billion users worldwide. It has succeeded in transforming into a business selling hub. Use WhatsApp chatbots to react to possible consumer questions and provide a hassle-free sales experience for your audience.

Every day, WhatsApp users send and receive around 100 billion messages. Isn’t the WhatsApp business API becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives? Whether it’s a person wanting to contact a buddy in the United States or a company attempting to connect with a local customer, WhatsApp has made communication simple for everyone.

If you own a business that provides worldwide services and wants to communicate with customers quickly and cheaply, WhatsApp business API is your solution. Thanks to advancements in technology, customers are becoming more accustomed to completing purchases at the swipe of their mobile displays. On the other hand, businesses may now easily close virtual deals owing to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over two billion users worldwide. It has succeeded in transforming into a business selling hub. The days of WhatsApp being only an SMS platform are long gone. According to research, WhatsApp business API can boost revenues by 27% and conversion rates by 20%.

Have you considered using WhatsApp business API to boost your business’s sales? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most effective WhatsApp marketing strategies:

Boost Your Company’s Visibility

The first step in getting started with WhatsApp marketing is to create a WhatsApp business profile. We recommend establishing a new phone number dedicated only to your business. After installing and using the app, you’ll be asked to authenticate your phone number, choose a business name, and upload a profile image. You can then proceed to the settings section to configure:

  • Your working hours
  • Welcome message for customers as soon as they commence a chat
  • Quick replies to your clients’ frequently asked questions

The next step is to construct a catalog to use on WhatsApp to promote your products or services. Previously, businesses could only transmit product photos one at a time. Customers may now see the entire product catalog right from the interface. A catalog allows customers to interact with your brand more effortlessly. Your WhatsApp Business inventory can hold a maximum of 500 products or services.

Make the Most of Facebook’s Ad Platform

Facebook can be a valuable tool for driving traffic to your WhatsApp business profile. All you have to do is use a “Click-to-WhatsApp” advertisement! Making a Facebook business ad with a “Send Message” button might help you start instant WhatsApp discussions. This, in turn, has the effect of speeding up the purchasing process and increasing conversions. One thing to keep in mind is that your WhatsApp account should be linked to your Facebook page.

Demonstrate Your Products

WhatsApp’s rich media features allow you to send product demonstrations to your consumers in real-time. You can share various photographs and informative films with your consumers to provide great information about your product or service. Demonstrations of your product or service are a great way to get people excited about it. Furthermore, they allow you to react to various product-related questions at the precise moment when your potential consumer requires assistance. This leads to increased business engagement and, as a result, higher conversion rates.

QR Codes for Promotion

The easier it is for individuals to contact you, the more likely you will generate leads and close transactions. WhatsApp QR codes serve as excellent digital front doors for your company and allow potential clients to establish contact with you easily. Gone are the days when people had to add a business WhatsApp number to their contacts to initiate communication! Businesses can simply print QR codes on promotional items and allow customers to scan them for instant communication.

Knowlarity’s WhatsApp business API solution can help your business generate leads and communicate with customers. WhatsApp alerts can help you convert more prospects by quickly sending communications to your sales team. Use WhatsApp chatbots to answer prospective consumer questions and provide a stress-free sales experience for your customers. Contact one of our sales professionals right now to set up a demo.

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