A Study Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

The month of December in the year 2019 was never good for humanity primarily because of the detection of the novel strain of Coronavirus in Wuhan City. A wet market in this city by the name of Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was suspected to be the source of this virus. It is in quick time that the virus played havoc across the world and the coronavirus numbers globally are alarming. As of August 23rd 2020 there are laboratory confirmed 23, 057,288 cases of Covid 19. The global death toll as on that day stood at 800,906 and these are indeed alarming figures.

Are you impacted by this deadly virus?

There is panic everywhere and every instance of illness is being suspected as corona by laymen. However, one must not panic and the key will be to look out for coronavirus symptoms. It is a long list and some of the more common symptoms are fever, dry cough or simply body exhaustion. Are you suffering from aches, pains, sore throat or even a headache? These are some of the lesser symptoms of this deadly virus attack. Let me now offer a quick update on the extent of damage caused by this virus on some of the major countries in the world.

Insights into coronavirus update USA:

There have been in excess of 5.5 million people impacted by this deadly virus in the United States. The death toll is in excess of 1, 75,000 but there seems to be no end in sight. If you regularly follow the coronavirus USA bulletins, one will come to know that on a daily basis tens of thousands of new cases are being reported. There are certain states like Mississippi and Virgin Island, which are the worst affected.  These are two states, which should strictly issue stay at home orders.

A look at coronavirus in India:

This deadly virus seems to have spared no one and even the subcontinent stands impacted badly. India has surely been affected badly and till August 26th 2020, a figure of 33, 25,675 have been impacted. The death toll stands at 60, 749 and one can see from these statistics that the situation is pretty bad. Some of the worst states impacted in India are Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The Indian capital city of New Delhi was impacted badly impacted but luckily it has managed to flatten the curve.

How has it impacted Italy?

The coronavirus Italy news bulletins also present a bad picture. The total number of registered cases in this country is 262,542. The death toll stands at 35,458 and these are surely disturbing figures. Hence, you can see just like any other part of the world, the virus has impacted Italy in a major negative way.

It is until now we have shared with you the total number of impacted figures and the death toll of some of the major countries. There surely seems to be no end in sight but we would like to say that it has caused damage beyond the health perspective. We have had major countries announcing lockdowns and this has resulted in stalled economic growth. Hence, one can say that this pandemic has created havoc globally.

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