An Overview Of Adolescent Health Issues

It is of late that plenty of disturbing data has come up for people concerned on adolescent health issues and globally we come across a death toll of 3000 daily amidst children in the age group of 10 to 19. Moreover, there are plenty more children suffering from illnesses, which can hinder the ability to grow to full potential.

What are the most common health problems of an adolescent?

If one has to speak about adolescent health problems we would like to say that it is a long list. We would like to start by speaking of accidental injuries. These injuries are most unintentional and plenty of children die due to road traffic incidents. In the year 2016 a number in excess of 1, 35,000 adolescents died due to injuries occurring on the roads. If you speak about accidental deaths and injuries of adolescents, we would also like to point out drowning.

The mental health of the child is also important:

There are plenty of experts ready to identify depression as one of the common teenage health problems. There just could be plenty of reasons for children to feel depressed. The experts point out violence, poverty and even humiliation as reasons for children to feel depressed. If you ever feel that your kid is in such a state, one needs to approach the situation with care. The past data tells us that such situations have often led to suicides amidst kids. Hence, as a measure of prevention of adolescent health problems, you must build life skills in the child and also provide them with psychological support in school or even community centers.

HIV Aids and other infectious diseases:

At the last check in 2016, it came to the forefront that a number in excess of 2.1 million children were suffering from HIV aids. The experts dealing with adolescent health problems have to say that a majority of these children are in Africa. The HIV related deaths are showing a significant decline since its peak in 2006, but children are still being impacted in large numbers. WHO has an ambition to see an end to this disease by 2030 but young people must know the way to seek protection from these diseases. It is via the use of condoms that children can seek protection. Other significant diseases, which children suffer from, are measles and low respiratory tract infections.

The intake of alcohol and drugs;

There are plenty of children resorting to harmful drinking and drug intake. These developments are depressing for parents who realize the importance of adolescent health. It reduces self control and increases risky behavior in children. There have been plenty of instances of children indulging in rash driving after such intake. It requires community and individual based interventions from parents.

It is here we have looked to give you an overview of adolescent health problems and they are alarming. The children need care attention and timely intervention of parents for this menace to stop. As a parent with some bit of planning and care, you can surely plan for a better future of your kid.

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