Asia Cup 2023: Most Thrilled Match India vs. Pakistan; Weather conditions

The 2023 Asia Cup has already started. The game started on 30th August and two matches were played, most awaited the third match was left. In the first match Pakistan vs. Nepal- Pakistan won by 238 runs. The second match was between Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh – Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets.

Now the excitement is on for the 2nd September game which is India vs Pakistan. We know the eternal enmity between India and Pakistan, not only in sports but in every aspect, there is conflict between these two countries. So now there is a huge excitement all over Asia, India vs. Pakistan.

The third match of the Asia Cup India vs. Pakistan will be held at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium on Saturday, September 2nd.

A potential collision awaits in Asia, where the weather department has predicted that heavy rains may start from Saturday afternoon. Saturday i.e. Second of September may have cloudy weather from early morning which is very suitable for players but If the heavy storm starts raining, how will the players play? Will the game be stopped at all?

According to the weather forecast, the first half will be played well but the second half, where it is a hard-fought battle, can turn into a ruckus.

Although India reached Kandy on Wednesday. They did not have a training session on Thursday but were scheduled to have a training session for the day on Friday. But according to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of stormy rain for four days starting from Saturday. As a result, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan.

Who will win and who will lose? Aside from this,  It has become a bigger issue now, Will the game be possible at all?

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