Durand Cup 2023 – Mohun Bagan Super Giants vs FC Goa Semi-Final Result Highlights

The semi-final of the 132nd Durand Cup was held at the Salt Lake Stadium on Thursday, August 31. Mohun Bagan Super Giants clash with 2021 Durand Cup winners FC Goa.

On the one hand, East Bengal reached the final after defeating North East in the semi-final. Now football fans of Kolkata are looking towards Mohun Bagan.

So the last semi-final of the Durand Cup 2023 began on Thursday 31st August. Mohun Bagan Super Giant vs. FC Goa. The match started very well, pushing each other from the start.

The game was going well until Asis and Noah had a small scuffle before the free kick was taken.

After 17 minutes of the match, FC Goa came close to scoring a goal against Mohun Bagan but Dheeraj Singh was able to save the goal because he was in a good position. Just 6 minutes later mean the 23rd minute of the match Noah Sadaoui scored a goal against Mohun Bagan after many efforts and

Now FC Goa is leading from the first half.

After FC Goa took the lead, the supporters at the Mohun Bagan in Kolkata were very worried. Will The final derby not be in Kolkata?

FC Goa played aggressively from the start And put Mohun Bagan under a lot of pressure. 42 minutes after the match, there was a huge transformation on the battlefield.

Mohun Bagan, after many hard-fought battles and efforts, conceded a goal against FC Goa. Mohun Bagan came back from the start of 2nd half, FC Goa could not beat Mohun Bagan at all. Mohun Bagan started playing very hard. FC Goa had many chances to score but Mohun Bagan did not let them succeed. Assisted by Asis Ray in the 61st minute, Armando scored another goal against FC Goa and won by (2-1).

This time Kolkata is going to make history again, this time Kolkata Derby is in the final.  East Bengal and Mohun Bagan will meet again after 19 years. Now it’s waiting for Sunday’s (3rd September) final match of the Durand 2023. Let’s see if East Bengal or Mohun Bagan will win the championship title. Now it’s just time to wait.

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