Chandramukhi 2: Chandramukhi 2 in Telugu and Hindi language films were released in September’s grand finale

Chandramukhi 2 was released in the Bollywood and Telugu industry on Thursday 28th September. Directed by P Vasu, the film stars Raghav and Kangana in lead roles. Kangana Ranaut has become a dancer in this film playing the role of Chandramukhi.

This Chandramukhi 2 is made in the sequence of Chandramukhi. The Telugu horror movie Chandramukhi was a huge hit at the time, with Chandramukhi 2 as the next part in its co-sequence. In 2005 starring Rajinikanth and Jyotika, Chandramukhi was produced by P Vasu, a horror Telugu movie.

Before the release of Chandramukhi 2, actor Raghav went to Rajinikanth to seek his blessings. Because acting in a movie starring Rajinikanth is a huge deal.

Chandramukhi 2 released on September 28 received a good response on the first day, this film earned 7.5 crore rupees in the opening, this film has been reported as such. The narrator of the film suggests that the story is set in a palace, Where a big family lived and everyone in the family was forbidden to go south block where Chandramukhi’s residence was. Kangana Ranaut is a great dancer and full of beauty, who is in love with King Raghava.

September’s grand finale not only saw the release of Chandramukhi 2, but also two other Hindi-language films. The vaccine war and fukrey 3 are two movies released in Bollywood in the last week of this September. These two films were released around Eid Milad and Ganapati Bisarjan.

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