Cheap Essentials for Getting Back On Your Bike Journey

This current pandemic is still very much around and in the midst of it; one will have to undertake travel. Life has to go on and you will need to earn bread, butter. However, there is a bit of skepticism to avail the public transport because you do not get to maintain the norms of social distance. In such a scenario is always a possibility that your old bike has found its way out of the storage facility. Your bike could have been lying in the storage facility for long and hence prior to a journey, it becomes important to take a peek into its essential parts. Are you missing any safety gear? We would insist on the need to make a list of the cheap essentials for travel. This is something, which is of utmost priority for a bike rider. 

The helmet: 

The bike helmet is perhaps one of the most essential safety gears for a rider. You are certainly aware that a helmet in place will protect your face, head at the time of accidents. It is perhaps for a shorter duration that you intend to travel on the bike and for a helmet selection; you would be looking for a budget pick. We would like to refer to the Schwinn Thrasher brand. They offer a lightweight product and more importantly in the affordable price range.

It is comfortable to wear because of an adjustable knob towards the back. This adjustable feature makes it perfect for adults, youth and even children to wear them. We would suggest that you walk into a shop and buy the helmet because only then it will ensure proper fit. If you are buying on the online sites it is better to check out for the Consumer Product Safety Commission Sticker. It is mandatory for helmets sold in the United States to bear this sticker.

The lights:

We would like to say that similar to the helmet, it is also essential to have proper lights for the bike. It is however a bit difficult to recommend a cheap lightning option. Are you on the lookout for sub $20 blinkers? We got feedback that such lights cannot be seen by cars coming from the opposite direction and this always leaves the scope for an accident. It is precisely for this purpose we would insist on the need to spend a bit more on bike lights. Our suggestion would be the 50 rear light from the CYGOLITE Hotrod. The product is water resistant, sturdy and great for busy roads. 

Is the bell working? 

There could be a feeling that bike bells are for the kids. We would completely disagree and say that it is for everyone. It is a basic safety precaution and you will need to select a product, which gives a loud distinctive chime.  You could check out on a lot more areas and we can take mention of the bike rack. It is important because one may just have to carry some essentials while on the move. These are some important areas of check as you intend to commute on the bike once more.

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