Five Sports Marketing Trends That You Should Must Know

The concept of digitization has left no space untouched and the same can be said about the sports industry. As a result of digital reach into sports we are witnessing trends never seen before. Some of the latest sports industry trends 2020 were not thinkable even a few years ago. The digital penetration of sports has stressed the need to be creative and combine it with technology. We spoke to experts and they discussed with us five sports marketing trends, which you must know. 

OTT content: 

If you speak of current trends in sports management, the term OTT content comes first to the mind. The term OTT means over the top and you could be left wondering how it fits into sports. One must note that these days’ platforms like Facebook and Amazon are now buying rights to reach out to the audience with sports matches. One may have heard about the Primera Division. It is the best professional soccer league in Spain. The matches are telecasted exclusively on Facebook in India. The future of sports marketing is in the hands of these platforms and as you can see that Facebook has got exclusive rights to the World Surf League. 

Artificial intelligence: 

There is just no doubt artificial intelligence is changing the world and it has impacted sports marketing. You will be surprised to know that it is via chat boxes, there is scope to run some of the best sports marketing campaigns. The big football teams such as FC Arsenal have taken an initiative and have developed chat boxes to communicate with fans. 


This is a market, which has developed from a nascent stage and today it is big. The experts have to say that the projected sales for global wearables are expected to cross 95 billion US dollars this coming year. A perfect trend for the future is the creation of self lacing shoes Hyperadapt by Nike. 


If you are involved in sports marketing there is just no way can you ignore eSports. The experts are predicting that by the end of the next year a number in excess of 250 million will be addicted to this form of sports viewing. This number should be followed by another 300 million occasionally consuming sports on the net. This is a large market and as a sports marketing professional, you cannot afford to ignore. 

Women in sports: 

Are you of the opinion that sports business is generally male dominated? This is now changing quickly and today it is mixed. The women today are emerging as strong buyers of sports themes. The professionals have to say that like other industries sports is also witness to target group segmentation.  This is an exclusive guide on the future trends in sports marketing. As someone involved long on the marketing of games, it is essential that you stay updated on these changes. This is how you can excel on the professional field and be a leader. You will find it easy to implement these changes.

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