Graphic Illustration Courses Online: How to Draw Diverse Body Types?

A great way to start your graphic illustration courses online journey is by enrolling on the top training platforms where you can learn even better. If you are excited to learn how to design a character in the illustration, the illustrator tutorials mentioned in this blog will surely take your skills to a diverse range. This Adobe Illustrator tutorial teaches you about female or male characters with curvy, muscular, or slender body shapes. It is by using the digital illustration software procreate. 

Character design is a factor in the design world. Every designer has the desire to design impressive characters. It will enable one to understand how to draw a body type in diverse shapes and sizes. This will help to create a much more diverse and distinctive character. There is software like Autodesk Maya and Blender where you can model 3D characters. 

This adobe illustrator tutorial for beginners will help you to create your dream character in some layers and strokes. 

Whether you are a professional illustrator or a budding designer who loves illustrators, you can now create slim, plus-sized, or even muscular figures with distinctive features. Well, the animation industry for the top production houses like DreamWorks, Pixar or even Disney will teach you how digital illustrators curvy models look magnificent. The aesthetic male and female characters are step by step process on your iPad. 

How to Draw a Body Illustration?

As mentioned in the illustrator tutorials for beginners, there are a few steps for the best implementation. 

  1. Start with stretching the wireframe of the human body with these basic lines and shapes.
  2. Sketch the additional shapes as it is guided to create the human figure. 
  3. Sketch the male figure by using the guided shapes. 
  4. Outline the sketch created on paper or iPad.
  5. Erase or remove the sketch marks.
  6. Try and add some colour to the skin.
  7. You can add diverse shades of body colour.

1: Create a Curvy Woman 

The curvy Character stands out as you create contrast between the small and larger areas of the body. It would be best to start by designing the torso with the small upper body and the larger lower body. 

If you have any reference images, you should note which proportions of the body will stand out in your design. Make them larger or smaller to enhance the contrast tones. It will make your Character appealing. The round shapes and smooth lines work perfectly balanced with such body types.

Tips:  You can use the custom brush that has low opacity to sketch out the initial shapes. It ensures that her brush is big and doesn’t fill up unnecessary details. The use of select, transform and liquify tools will move the body parts which is around. It will adjust the proportions. 

2: Athletic Character 

In the graphic illustration courses online and in adobe illustrator tutorials, it is recommended to use simple geometric shapes for their body uses. It keeps the shoulder wide, hip small, long legs and lean body.

To make the posture even more defined, marking your Character as the centre of gravity is even more helpful. As a designer, ensure it does not fall into the drawing centre. The centre of gravity will run under the neck down to the ground on the human body. The drawings must be in a straight line from your Character’s neck to the feet as the guide. 

In Adobe illustrator tutorials, you will get the idea of character energy by moving the torso away from the centre of gravity. It is for creating movement in their stance.

Tips: Always check for mistakes. It is necessary to flip the picture to check for unevenness in your anatomy, angles, and proportions as you go. You can do this in the digital illustration software and procreate. 

3: Tall and Slender Character 

To design and create character proportions, you should base it on a rectangular shape with thin and long features. This helps to define the posture and draw a line through the torso. It starts from the neck to the feet to create a centre of gravity. It used the liquify tools to move the elements around the line as your guide. For example, as per the illustrator tutorials, push the hip forward and the torso to the back. It will add a lean to the body. This creates a lengthening effect. 

Tips: The final characters should be fully clothed for the anatomy drawing. The illustrator tutorials suggest that the sketching of the characters only wear underwear first. In this way, you can check and refine your work on the anatomy; it will ensure accuracy. While adding clothes later in the process, you can help to create a cohesive character. If you want, you can change the clothing alignments with the body shape that you have created. 

4: Finishing Touches 

As you have created the body basics, taking time to play with proportions is advised. It has fun experimenting with different proportional adjustments. Likewise, explain the real human body things normal to the same size as the lower leg. Sometimes you can create a lower leg shorter than her thighs to break down the silhouette and make the overall look and feel most engaging.

Choose graphic illustration courses online for the best character design experience. There are many ways to learn character modelling and design. Discovering the latest techniques, animations, and lettering will help with quick illustration tutorials. 


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