Methods Of Detection Of Anabolic Steroids As Doping In Sport

There has often been doping taking place in sport and this is a widespread problem. It is beyond athletes, you are also certain to run into doping in the case of recreational sport.  There are plenty of bad effects of doping in sport and surely it impacts the health of an athlete over the long term. The health experts are sure to be more concerned when you use high dosage for longer durations. There can be plenty of harm done to the body and it can damage the liver. It can also damage the kidney and one can suffer from high BP, strokes or even heart attacks. There are other side effects and one may suffer from abdominal pain and even vomit a lot. Moreover, anabolic steroids are often taken to enhance muscle energy and the person taking it gains an unfair advantage over the competitor.

This is precisely why the sports bodies discourage it:

The sports bodies across the globe discourage steroid use in sports and most of the rules suggest hefty penalties on sports persons caught using it. In fact at the start of major sports events tests are carried out so that no participant can contest under the influence of anabolic steroids.

The sports personalities often end up using in unintentionally:

There have been plenty of occasions, where sports personalities have ended up using anabolic steroids unintentionally. They may often have to take plenty of medicines to keep the body going and it becomes difficult to assess, which amongst them is a banned substance. As a sports personality you would be eager to avoid the embarrassment of the authorities getting to know via a test. It would be better to take a test for these substances in the body right at home. You could search on Google for how to test for steroids at home?  There are plenty of experts expressing the views online regarding this matter and it should be easy to try out.

How do the authorities conduct checks?

It is on the net that you will find answers on how to test for anabolic steroids but there just could not be anything better than a laboratory test. We would like to say that there are athletes who try every trick in the book to avoid being caught at the doping tests. Hence, as a precautionary measures the testing laboratories are today storing a lot more data than ever before. They are storing samples from every test and these samples are today used as references for future testing.  This eliminates the scope of an individual testing positive simply because he/she may have elevated levels of testosterone than the general population. The steroid detection times list can also include the urine samples. If you have been taking steroids for the long term, it will show in the urine.

It is here that we have looked to offer an update on anabolic steroids drug testing facts. As a sports person one must avoid taking these steroids for short term gains. They cause embarrassment at the doping tests conducted at the major sporting events and surely the health hazards are also a negative factor.

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