Over 948K Followers on Instagram, this Influencer Couple tells us how to be a good content creator

It is via creating unique content one can influence people and offer them value addition. One could see from the fact that popular social media duo of Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha and Niyati Mavinkurve from Abhi and Niyu on instagram have created such a market with the help of quality content. It was last year they started the page and it revolves around plenty of current affair topics. They have got a significant number of instagram followers and the number is about a million. They make short format videos, which could be doing anything from promoting patriotism to spreading awareness.

They have been able to create good content and the response is swift because it goes viral in quick time. The key to note here is that they are willing to share the tricks of the trade with you. It was in an interview they had a lot to say and let me share with you some inputs.

What precisely does the audience want?

This influencer couple spoke of the need to quickly understand the audience. It is surely about selecting content, which goes with your voice, personality. However, simultaneously one must connect with the audience too. They stressed on the need to create effective content, which allows you to express.

The changes which you need to make in a post covid world:

They also spoke of the need to change the content with time. They spoke on the fact that in the pre covid era they had been relying extensively upon travel based content. Now, suddenly with lockdowns fully in place and travel restrictions imposed, they could not travel much, but made some clever changes to the content. They stressed on making data heavy videos, which the audience loved and their followers on instagram soared further.

How to make friendly content?

There is also a need to make budget friendly but quality content and they also spoke extensively on these matters.

  • They had to say that one will surely not have the best blog or video right on the first day. However, you must not give up after ten to fifteen attempts. There is a need to bring out content material constantly for the algorithmic to pick up.
  • One of the biggest mistakes will be to expect instant perfection. They had to say that the goal of content creation is long and one must improve at every stage.
  • The couple spoke on the need to constantly be in learning mode. As a creator one might have to often face a dead end. It is only if you watch more videos related to the craft, it will be possible to get more ideas.
  • They also had to say that your content matters more than aesthetics. This will allow you to offer quality on a low budget.

These are some ideas, which we were able to gather in a conversation with this couple. They have had immense success as content creators and are willing to help others who are eyeing to make it big via creating content videos. If you follow the advice carefully, one is sure to taste success.

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