Record breaking madness: Jawan Movie 2023

The wait is finally over and the most awaited blockbuster of the year hit the theaters today. Shah Rukh Khan is going to break the Pathan record(1000 crore box office collection ).

This is the first time SRK collaborated with South Indian director Atlee. Jawaan was released in 5000 theaters across India on 7th September. Bookings for Jawaan started from the festival of Rakhi Bandhan which has already raked in a few crores in box office collections. Shah Rukh Khan’s fans have been waiting outside the theater since five in the morning. South Indian actor Vijay Sethupathi and actress Nayan Tara are Shah Rukh Khan’s co-stars and actresses in Jawaan.

Before the end of the day, the reviews started pouring in. Some popular faces of Bollywood tweeted their reviews about Jawann movies. A lot of reviews are pouring in where Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are praising his performance.

After the release of the trailer of Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan, his fans said that Shahrukh Khan’s Jawan is going to break the all-time Pathan record.  And Shahrukh Khan’s fans reacted like crazy after the release of a jawan.

Shahrukh Khan tweeted – ” Love u boys and girls I hope you enjoy the entertainment. Kept awake to see you go to the theater. Big love and thanks”.

Now let’s take a look at Jawaan’s Movie reactions and reviews.

The first response comes from renowned casting director Mukesh Chabra – ” Jawaan was an emotional roller coaster…it inspired me and frustrated me.  One of the best Bollywood and Pan India films I have ever seen.”

This type of craze has never happened before for any Bollywood star. Bollywood industry’s biggest blockbuster.  It has come to make history at the box office. We take a look at the madness of ShahRukh Khan’s fans through some more reactions.

A fan of Shah Rukh Khan tweeted –



A few fans of Jawan have posted some video clips where we can see the crowd and frenzy in front of the Mumbai theater at 6 am. The madness is not limited to Mumbai only.  Shah Rukh Khan’s fans were also seen rallying on Kolkata streets with posters.

Shah Rukh Khan’s performance is being praised everywhere along with the discussion of actor and actress collaboration. Theaters went wild when Shahrukh Khan and South Indian action hero Vijay Thalapathy were seen together in an action sequence.

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