Best Five Conjuring Haunting Movie Series

Most conjuring facts in the universe happen at night. For example, some conjuring movies have been made where we see most of the haunting happening at night. Some movie series are haunting like The Conjuring – The Nun and Annabelle.

The Conjuring films led by James Wan became a ghostly version of the Marble cinematic world. The new version of The Conjuring was released on 8th September 2023 “The nun II” directed by Michael Chaves.

In which the resurrection of two characters is shown –

  1. Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga)
  2. The monster Valak (Bonnie Aarons)

In this article, we have extensively discussed five Conjuring movies, from worst to best, according to the horror of the characters and story.

(1) The Nun


The Nun

The Nun was released in 2018. Valak i.e. Bonnie Aarons played the lead role. This is another early story in The Conjuring series.  It has hints of the religious mystery and old-school adventure of this Haunting series movie. Also, most of this English conjuring movie is dull.

(2) Annabelle



Annabelle is a famous movie in the 2014 The Conjuring Haunting movie series. The story of this movie is spine-chilling. A battle with an evil force with a pregnant woman. Demon worshipers first attack a young couple and their baby through evil puppets, trying to kill them with unholy powers.

(3) The Conjuring


The Conjuring

When The Conjuring first came out it was a a goosebump movie. The Conjuring was a smash hit and theater conditions were cold and tepid.  The story of The Conjuring was as follows –

The Warrens are called to haunted farm houses to dig up supernatural occurrences, leaving the residents uninhabitable and putting them through various nightmares and horrors. One-camera angles created a wonderful atmosphere with painting-shot sound effects and old-school shots, balanced by Lorraine’s rising and rounded personality in the film in particular.

(4) The Conjuring 2


The Conjuring 2

Generally ‘The Conjuring’ main movie is better than its other parts. But the second part is more terrifying than the first part.

The story of the second part of The Conjuring follows the rise of an 11-year-old girl who is seen as an evil force. The Conjuring 2” turns “This Old Man” into a whistled theme of impending doom as one of its many ghoulish delights.

(5)The Nun II

The Nun II

According to sources, The Nun 2 which was released on 8 September 2023 is going to be the best English movie in the Conjuring Haunting series.

The film resurrects two characters from the first part of The Nun: Sister Irene and the demon Valack.

After Irene and her new nun bestie Sister Debra (Storm Reed) begin investigating what happened to Valak’s latest victims, it is revealed that another holy relic exists that could potentially be used to stop the demon: the Eye of St. Lucy.  Only Saint Lucy’s holy eye can stop the demon.

A global box office total of more than $365 million five years after becoming the highest-grossing entry in the original non-franchise.

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