Significance of Mehndi in Hindu Wedding

Bengali weddings are full of rituals, ceremonies, and fun-filled events where mehndi plays an important role. Bengalis, especially, Hindus consider that wearing mehndi before a wedding brings good luck to the couple. They think the good luck of the couple depends on the deep stain of henna. The deeper the mark, the happier the bride is in her marital life. This conception has been carried forward in the minds of people from the mythical ages. Now, it has become a deep-rooted cultural significance to it.

Traditional with Ritual

Apart from “gaaye holud” (applying turmeric paste on the body), wearing mehndi is a deeper ritual in an Indian wedding. Some people may identify as the tradition of Hindus. However, the traditional Indian culture has mingled in the root of the entire cast, creed and religions. Applying artistic henna on hands and feet is a sign of good luck for the couple.

This traditional ritual has spread to almost all parts of India and some other adjoining countries, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. This semi-permanent tattoo is popular all over the world today, and its appeal is increasing day by day. Leaving the boundary of Hindu rituals, the use of Mehndi is spread among Muslims as well. The great Prophet Muhammad used to wear the dye of mehndi on His beard. He also advised others to sketch mehndi on their hands to the people who are sick.

Significance of Henna Tattoo

Mehndi represents the solemn bondage between the couple. A deeper mark represents deeper love between the two hearts. So, it is considered as the “Shagun” or auspicious for the couple and their families.
The dark colour of mehndi on the bride’s hand represents the deep love of the groom to his ladylove.
The deep colour of mehndi also indicates the superior understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.
The longer the mehndi colour retains on the hands and feet, the more auspicious it will be for the new couple.
In some cultures, the deeper mehndi colour represents the symbol of the fertility of the bride and groom.

Mehndi has its medicinal benefits. It has stress-relieving properties. Therefore, it gives the couple a soothing and stress-free livelihood. It also helps to relieve headaches and fever. Mehndi helps to relieve the wedding stress of the new couple. It also helps to grow the nails and hair of a person. So, it increases the beauty of a woman when she applies regularly. Apart from so many benefits, it also prevents human beings to fight against viral diseases.
Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi ceremony is one of the colourful and musical celebrations before the day of the wedding. Different people of the different locality celebrate it with different customs and rituals. This ceremony is held before the day of the wedding, and a team of singers sing wedding songs.

The bride and some other women enjoy the celebration with beautiful drawings of mehndi on their feet and hands. With a lot of fun and joy, the women of the ceremony dance and enjoy featuring.

Henna Design Modernisation

The most secrete thing is about to disclose. The mehndi design on the hands of the bride contains an artistic design where the initials of the groom’s name are inscribed. This shows the love and affection of the groom. The coyness of the girl is about to break, and it starts the days of enjoyment and merriment.

Today, the design of henna has changed, and the touch of artistic drawings are increasing the glow of brides. Along with traditional flavour or henna design, you can enjoy the modern touch at the hands of award-winning henna drawing specialists. Try it now!

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