The 15 best destinations to visit in Portugal

Have you ever had that feeling, when you are at a place so full of life and culture, you feel a pang of nostalgia hit you, you can taste the emotions of the people who had lived there once sharp on your tongue, you close your eyes and you can almost see the men and women in ancient clothing strutting about merrily, and you’re there, like a time traveler out of your time, soaking in the beauty of history and culture?

With its captivating scenic beauty of the countryside to giant medieval cobblestone castles, this place is surrounded by the ghosts of the past. 

We have hand-picked for you the 15 most beautiful destinations to help you get lost in the history and idyllic beauty of Portugal.

  1. Lisbon – The capital of Portugal, Lisbon attracts the majority of the tourism in the country. From the restaurants that present a scrumptious array of local treats, to the narrow cobblestone lanes to get lost on, the beauty of Lisbon completely justifies its popularity.
  2. Madeira – Soak in the warm sunshine, go on a hiking, have a taste of the exquisite food, the options are virtually limitless in Madeira.
  3. Obidos –Surrounded by old fortified walls, it has the most amazing castles and cobblestone labyrinths that the eyes can behold.
  4. Algarve – Algarve is a delight for the eyes, from peaceful scenes of olive forests, conventional whitewashed towns to the wild, desolate drift with its sensational cliffs spotted with summer resorts.
  5. Sintra – Settled in the lower regions of the Sintra Mountains on the Lisbon Coast, it is only a day’s trip from Portugal’s capital city, Sintra. It presents a breathtaking setting of slopes, manors, imperial retreats, castles that are reminiscent of the bygone era.
  6. Alentejo – A city known for its rich history and mysteries alike, it is perfect as a Halloween destination.
  7. Coimbra – It is a historical center and attracts travelers from far and near. It is littered with Roman and medieval ruins that are a marvel to many history fans.
  8. Serra da Estrela – It has the highest mountain peak in Portugal and offers skiing opportunities in winter.
  9. Azores – Composed of 9 volcanic islands, it is renowned for its mineral springs and whale watching.
  10. Evora – A small town that attracts a large audience, Evora is famous for prehistoric buildings like old Roman walls and castles.
  11. Porto – Buzzing with the best local restaurants, music and cafes, it is also famous for its production and export of the finest port wines.
  12.  Aveiro – Aveiro is a bustling city often called “the Venice of Portugal” because of its pleasant canals and bridges, brilliant gondolas and speed boats.
  13. Coimbra – It’s a treasure of historic sites, rich culture and music, and it is located near Europe’s one of the oldest universities, University of Coimbra.
  14. Monsanto – It is like a trip down the memory lane with virtually unchanged scenic beauty of Portugal.
  15. Guimarães – It is the first capital of the country and makes for a wonderful last trip before leaving Portugal. It is known as the “Birthplace of Portugal” and is famous for its old castles and historical figures.

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