The 21 most beautiful islands in the Philippines

Sir Richard Burton, one of the greatest British travelers the world has ever known had once said, “The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” Indeed, resonating with the sentiments of the great traveler, there is hardly any greater pleasure than packing your travel bags, leaving behind the droning city life for a far away exotic place, where there is only white sand underneath your naked feet and clear blue skies as far as your eyes can see. Ah, the sheer heavenly joy!

Such is the beauty of Philippines. From the magnificent white sand beaches of Boracay to the virgin jungles of Bohol, the beauty of Philippines is like a pearl of nectar on a flower petal, yet untouched.

Philippines comprises of over 7000 islands that range widely in terms flora and fauna. While some boast of breath taking coral leaves and mountain ranges, others are covered by the luscious green cover of rain forests. What they all have in common is the rich culture and customs of Philippines people and the picturesque beauty spanning through the entirety of the islands.

Although a back breaking job, we have enlisted the 21 most beautiful islands in Philippines that you can visit with your friends or family, or perhaps as a pilgrimage to find your true self.

  1. Palawan – Arguably one of the most beautiful region in Southeast Asia, it is also the largest islands in Philippines. It has beautiful beaches and lagoons, perfect for a lazy boat ride in the emerald waters or speand a romantic night in the eco houses.
  2. Borocay – The most popular destination in the Philipines, it has everything from luxury five star resorts to budget friendly inns. 
  3. EL NIDO – Nest known for its limestone cliffs, it treasures thousands of species of flora and fauna counting five species of endangered sea turtles.
  4. Bohol – Paths hidden in untouched grasslands, lush greenery as far as the eye meets, his place is perfect for a motorbike adventure rides.
  5.  San Vicente – Vastly undeveloped, it is perfect for your adventurous soul. With approximately 14 kilometers of white sand beach, it perfect to get lost within the wild exoticness. 
  6. Malapascua – Small, remote and divine, it is a place perfect to go off the radar for a little bit of soul searching.
  7. Cebu Island – Conveniently located with the nearby Mactan-Cebu International Airport, it is a place perfect to awaken the little Carrie in you. With a vast collection of shopping malls, restaurants and luxury hotels, it perfect for a lavish exotic getaway for the city girl (or guy) in you!
  8. Palaui Island – Debatably the most well known among travelers from afar, it has a divine collection of clear waterfalls and eerie caves to give your soul the much needed calm.
  9. Puerto Galeria – A cheaper alternate to Borocay, the marine sanctuary provides great opportunities for beach and water activities like water sports. The resorts have the most exquisite collections of sea foods and the spas provide exciting massages that can make you forget all the worries in the world.
  10. Coron Island – From the majestic mountains to the turquoise waters, the sites are real life manifestations from the movie ‘Blue lagoon’.
  11. Pagudpud – A simple city island with a rich and complex culture, it has beautiful waterfalls, long beaches and Spanish inns that you’d never want to leave.
  12. Siargo – It boasts of exotic wildlife, mangroves, as well as resorts, shops and restaurants to keep the tourists engaged. The most popular attraction here is Surfing.
  13. Bantayan – From cliff jumping to simply roaming among wilderness until you are lost, this place everything.
  14. Luzon – It has best hiking opportunities just a bus ride away on Mt. Batula that is 811 meters above the sea level. Serene greens in the days and captivating night skies are the beauty of this place.
  15. Mactan – A popular tourist destination, his place has everything lagoons, waterfalls, to lakes, beaches and mountains.
  16. Panglao Islands – Take a dive in the underground lagoon at Hinagdanan Cave or perhaps scale the chocolate hills in Carmen.
  17. Samal Island – This place has loads to offer from hiking opportunities, lounging to have a peek at the beautiful fauna at Montfort Bats Conservation Park.
  18. Batan Islands – Located in the northernmost part of the Philippines, this volcanic island is a sprawling scene of cultivating plots, rice fields, and timberlands, all conveniently isolated with common fences that make a knit like plan.
  19. Calaguas Islands – This is the perfect get away spot if you want to get away from the hubbub and strings attached with the city life. A land untouched by the fingers of modernization, you can spend your days sprawling, or by taking a swim at Long Beach.
  20. Panay Island – Less expensive, less crowded, it is a must place to visit for your inner traveler, without burning a hole in your pocket.
  21. Bucas Grande Island – Boat rides through mountains, a swim amongst the jellyfish are on the itinerary if you choose to visit Bucas Grande.

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