The Michelle Obama Podcast’ Debuts July 29 On Spotify

It was last summer that the groundwork was laid for former first couple Barrack and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground to develop a partnership with steaming giant Spotify. The formalities were however completed last month and this is today the most followed entertainment news. It is very quickly that US audiences will be witness to something really exciting in this regard.

What precisely is the excitement?

The excitement was created by the former first lady herself through her official twitter account and it is about Michelle Obama Podcast debut this upcoming July 29th. Michelle has always been able to make a mark for herself in American life. She is an attorney and author completely on her own merit. She played an active role during her stint as first lady and participated for social causes. It was common for her to make visits to homeless shelters, soup kitchens. She also encouraged women rights activists. This is just the reason why in spite of plenty of television debuts of late, it is her show, which has been in the news.

What does she intend to do?

There has been plenty of excitement that Michelle is making her debut as podcast expert and she threw some light on the way forward. She said in a statement that her hope was that through the show there was scope to explore meaningful topics and also seek answers to plenty of questions, which we face in our lives. She sincerely hoped that for most of the listeners will be able to open up new conversations and more importantly hard conversations. In fact, the entire concept behind the formation of Higher Ground was to explore powerful stories. They intended to entertain, inform and even inspire the new generation.

The topics are interesting:

There are plenty of topics, which she intends to discuss and it could start with sibling relationships. There will also be discussion related to raising children and complex issues of handling girlfriends. Women’s health is also another topic, which she intends to bring up in this show. Hence, there are plenty of exciting topics to be discussed and American viewers are surely excited.

The guest list:

The show will be in a live chat format in the company of celebrities. We could already get hold of a few names who will be accompanying the former first lady on this show. In a tweet Michelle categorically stated that she intends to start with people whom she shares a level of comfort. The guest list includes some prominent names such as Marian and Craig Robinson, Conan O’Brien, Valerie Jarrett, Michele Norris and Dr. Sharon Malone MD. In fact the latest Covid 19 pandemic should also come up for discussion on her show.

This is the latest Entertainment TV news, which is keeping everyone excited and since it is from the Obama’s the interest is only that bit more. You will need to wait till July 29th for the first episode of this show from the former first lady.

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